Practice 3.6, 3.7, 3.8


#1. The first rutabaga eating contest was canceled because of averse weather.

#2. It’s not all right to drink an excess of beer before going to the football game.

#3. As Einstein said, all knowledge is relative.

#4. The state capitol of Louisiana is located at 3722 Dagwood Road.

#5. The mayor refused to go along with the city council vote. “I descent,” he stated.

#6.Madonna certainly has a flair for fashion; she always wears expensive outfits.

#7. The bomb destroyed Sen. Kitsmoot’s birdcage.

#8. My bright green Chevrolet, which is in the garage, needs a new transmission.

#9. Knopke’s hilarious joke elicited laughter from the Midville City Council.

#10. Jones lay on the floor waiting for the job interview to begin.

#11. Horowitz, an ethics major, vowed never to compromise his principles.

#12. At the end of the book report, Haynes cited the “World Book” as a source.


#1. The 25-year-old man wept as he left Hattiesburg, Miss.

#2. This Nov. 10 will mark our anniversary.

#3. Do not park the car on Rodeo Drive. Instead, park it at 12 Davies St.

#4. They spent $1.30 to buy a new set of nose rings.

#5. Smoots moved to the North because the people there are so nice.

#6. The rodeo will begin at 7 p.m. in the Town Square.

#7. Monday, the terrorists blew up their home at 123 Melrose St.

#8. Twenty two seamstresses were needed to mend the prom dress.

#9. About 5% of the professors have lost their hair.

#10. After 2 feet of snow fell at his home in Columbus, OH, Jones decided to leave.

#11. Miss Smith bet $50 that her brother weighed more than a 1964 Chevrolet.

#12. John Smith, the governor of California, set his trailer on fire Sep. 1.

#13. A fire began at 3325 McDonald Drive when an oven full of rutabagas exploded.

#14. During the 1970s, everyone wore bell bottom blue jeans to church.


#1. In August 1985, Davies rented a rutabaga stand in Augusta, GA.

#2. Pomerantz tied the beehive to Sen. Gramm’s cowboy hat.

#3. About 1,200 Easter rabbits were killed in the explosion at Big Dave’s Bunny Warehouse, located at 2525 Hackensack Dr.

#4. In the 1980s, Davies left the Midwest and moved to the Loire Valley in France.

#5. Smoots brought two cups of coffee to the Governor.

#6. About 8% of the cantaloupes have been stuffed with rutabagas.

#7. Jones bet $40 that his roommate has hidden the sandwich.

#8. The three university professors share a house at 613 25 Ave.

#9. After two feet of snow of snow fell at his home in Columbus, OH, Davies decided to leave the Midwest and move to the South.

#10. On Dec. 11, all classes will be canceled.

#11. Tuesday morning, the mayor skipped her aerobics class.

#12. Davies drove two million miles in his old Toyota Corolla before it blew up.

#13. Dr. Kildare said he had filed a malpractice suit against Marcus Welby.

#14. At 8 p.m., Gov. Jim Guy Tucker of Arkansas will give a short speech in front of the Gorgas Library.

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