The Persuaders

What it is like in the PR World

After watching “The Persuaders”, it has given me a whole new look into advertising and the goal of persuasion. I did not realize how advertisements are such a big part of our everyday lives. Everywhere we look, we are looking at an ad.

One part that really stood out to me was when the video talks about how advertisers put their products out there and advertise them to make it seem like the product is fulfilling. That their product can fulfill your life, but in reality, it is just a laptop or just a pair of sneakers.

This video has gone in depth on how advertisers persuade and will definitely influence the way I look at advertisements now. Now I am aware of how advertisers want to capture their audiences attention, like for example, trying to persuade the audience that their product is fulfilling. In reality, the product is not fulfilling, they just want you to buy there product.

Lots of research and planning does go into these advertisements, as seen in the video. For example, when the man came up with the idea that he is going to study what makes a cult and apply that to his advertising techniques, that is a lot of research that is put into one advertisement. He had to go around to different cults and find out every bit of information on what makes a cult.

After watching this video, I can remember one advertisement that I have seen over and over again in the last couple of years that stands out as “misleading.” The Kellogg Mini Wheats commercial claimed that mini wheats can make you smarter. This misleading ad said that the cereal can boost a child’s memory and attention in the classroom.

Coca-cola, one of the biggest advertising companies, always has feel-good ads about love or friendship or simply just “share a coke.” Their ads are all about feelings and use your feelings to make you want to feel good and buy their product. They try and relate their product to your everyday life.

Christian Worldview in Advertising

How can we as Christians view advertising and what is our responsibility in PR?

#1. Seek to persuade, not lie and mislead. As Christians, lying and deceiving is wrong and considered sin. There are ways you can persuade without lying to make the product sound more likable or better.

#2. Seek everything with prayer. It is important to pray and make sure every move you make you are doing it with prayer and with good intentions, not to hurt or destroy anything or anyone.

#3. Do everything to glorify the Lord. As Christians, everything that we do should be to glorify and honor the Lord. Lying and deceiving is not a way to honor and glorify Him. Seeking Him throughout your everyday life and always keeping your eyes fixed on Him is important with this.

As Christians, it is important to know where the line needs to be drawn. When a company tries to convince you that their product is fulfilling, it really is not. Christ is the only one that can fulfill you and anything in your life.

Christ is the center and focus of our lives. He is the only one that is constant in our lives and can fulfill us. No product or advertisement should convince you otherwise.

When advertisers call consumers to “worship a product”, this is just an example of Christians knowing what is right and what is wrong and when the line needs to be drawn. The Lord is the only one we worship. Worshipping anything else is wrong and is an idol.

On my honor, I have watched The Persuaders in its entirety.

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