Our 886 Sq Ft Life: Before & Current

It’s been about 4 weeks since renovations began at our house. Prior to that, we sold or threw away all non-essentials, and stored the rest. We had to have everything out of the house because the entire thing was about to be gutted.

Before packing everything up and #demoday (if you watch Fixer Upper, you get the reference), I took some pictures of the inside of our house. I didn’t bother to clean or pick up, because I wanted to remember what it looked like as we lived in it:

The view from our front door to the back of the house
Same view — from front door angled right to view the original fireplace
View from the back door into the kitchen (left view)
Additional view of the kitchen from the back door (right view)
View of the dining room from the back door looking left

Of course, this isn’t everything, just the living & dining rooms and kitchen. Our bedroom is not pictured as well as my “vanity” room and our bathroom.

Here are some photos after we got everything cleaned out:

View from the front door looking toward the back of the house
Same view, front the front door, looking right (yes, those are original floors)
Same view, from the front door, looking left where our couch used to be
View from the fireplace looking toward our “hallway” and the only bathroom in the house
View from the fireplace hearth toward the back door
Direct view of fireplace. Front door is on the right (out of view of the photo)
View of our master bedroom from the door
View of our bathroom (only bathroom in the house)
Additional view of bathroom
View from “vanity room” entrance to back door. This was the entire size of our kitchen!
View of entire kitchen (notice no dishwasher)
View of the dining room facing the back of the house. This will be our new kitchen.

One of the deals with the type of renovation that we are doing is, the new layout had to work with the existing windows and doors. Our designer Troy did an amazing job of that, and it will be fun to show you guys the new house based on the window layout.

Demo day came and went, and Daniel was home to view the carnage:

View of our old kitchen from the dining room (you can barely see back door on right)
View of old dining room from the back door
Partial view of living room, facing front door (fireplace visible on left)
View of old master bedroom. And yes, those are original wood floors that had been covered by carpet all of these years.
View of the old living room from front corner near front door
Additional view of old living room and dining room
Check out that sexy 1960’s wall paper that was found in the kitchen!
View of the front corner of our master bedroom and closet (yeah… that was the only closet)
View fromt he old Master Bedroom looking through the wall at our old bathroom and hallway (to the right)
Additional View of the living room (front door is on right, out of view)
View from the corner of uor second bedroom, which I call my “vanity room” into the old kitchen on the left where the trash can is
Photo of the left side of the old bathroom
It appears some sort of shelving unit was built into the wall when the house was originally built
They also uncovered these gorgeous side lights by the front door

As you can see, our contractors discovered that the entire exterior shell of our house is made up of bricco block and plaster. It was pretty cool to realize that we were living in such a solidly-built house!

Also, our neighbors lived in our home for a few decades, and they were kind enough to bring over the original blueprints for the home, which they got from the original owners:

If anyone knows the Stull family in Nashville, let us know! Too bad that front elevation no longer looks like that :(

Framing of the new layout has since begun and I will share those photos soon. Thanks for following this fun journey of ours.