driving down this hot gravel road
All the windows down
Jude is laughing at the wind in his hair
I look over at your smiling face
I look around at all the country mountian Hobbit houses
Picturing our lives being lived in each one
I think of the gardens we would build in that yard to the right
I think about our kids climbing that huge tree in the front yard
I think of how they would laugh at me as I pleaded with them to get down from there
Our kids would be climbers, even if we aren’t
I can feel it
I am lost in my dream reaching over for your hand
Then I realize I was only day dreaming again
I pull over next to an abandoned house
The windows are broken out
The bricks are wearing down 
And it’s empty and dark there’s nobody there
I picture my life here without you
In this fallen apart place
With my fallen apart heart and my tear soaked face

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