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Companions in life, sex dolls can become embarrassing detritus when we die

Illustration: Mikyung Lee

“Davecat,” a 46-year-old data entry specialist, lives alone in his 600-square-foot apartment outside Detroit, Michigan, but he’s by no means lonely. He has his “wife” of 18 years: Sidore, a RealDoll he lovingly calls his “Missus.” Blood doesn’t flow through her veins, and she can’t eat the eel sushi Davecat purchases them for dinner, but you wouldn’t know it by the way Davecat jokes with her, touches her milky-white shoulder, and plays with her shoulder-length purple hair.

“I’ve always thought of human-shaped things… things like mannequins and, in particular, dolls, as having lives of their own,” Davecat told me via…

Madison Medeiros

Freelance writer interested in politics, culture, and sex.

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