Bags Fly Free

Southwest Air. What more could you possibly want from a company? Two bags, which must weigh under fifty pounds each, are completely free of charge. If you need to check a third bag, it starts at $75 and goes up from there. Most other airlines have charges for the littlest things, but not Southwest. Another well known slogan of theirs is Low fares. Nothing to hide. This has become one of the main reasons why I love flying Southwest because of their fares! They definitely have some of the cheapest flights, whether it’s only one-way or round-trip.

Whenever we fly to tournaments for the weekend, we always fly Southwest because we are able to each check two bags and they will be free. We check our bowling balls, since it definitely would be a hassle to bring them on the plane. The employees are always so willing to help, from changing flights to making sure baggage gets to the right destination. When my sister and I flew Southwest in January to Vegas, our flight was ultimately delayed five hours. All day, we got updates on our flight being pushed back from two and half hours, to three hours, to three and a half, etc. Our flight was originally supposed to depart at 4:25 and was now pushed back to 8 pm. After arriving at the airport and going through security by six, we found out our flight was pushed back even more till 9:15. You can imagine the looks on our faces knowing we would be now arriving in Vegas at midnight, which would be 3 am east coast time. Although, SOUTHWEST GAVE US FREE VOUCHERS WORTH ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Hello, future plane tickets! Southwest always wants to go the extra mile and make sure their customers continue using their airline when they know how many other choices they might have.

Besides the vouchers (definitely my favorite thing about Southwest, by far), they are active on Twitter! Their account has become one of my favorites because they interact with their followers and they also handle traveler issues. Since I am a RapidRewards member, they sent me an e-mail celebrating my birthday with a “fun party experience.” It was this cute, little video and once I shared it to my twitter, I tagged them saying thanks and they replied back, wishing me a happy birthday! How cool! I included the tweet so all of you can fall into heaps of jealousy of how my favorite airline is definitely cooler than yours. Fly Southwest next time and maybe they’ll wish you a happy birthday, too :)