This week, I received an email from an If Not Now Austin coordinator launching the start of the organization’s local chapter. The first line of the email read as follows:

"We are If Not Now Austin, and we’re getting in touch with you to let you know that we’re bringing this movement of young Jews of conscience off the coasts!”

It really is fascinating, the way in which social movements can be so deeply attached to particular geographies. This introduction underscored the fact that progressivism is indeed tied to urbanism, and that our coastal urban centers serve as the focal point for these movements. So what place do non-coastal liberals have in the conversation?

Here is where If Not Now strikes success in their launch of an Austin chapter. Not only is the movement looking for engagement within our community, it is expressly and actively organizing. Creating spaces for progressive conversation and bringing coastal politics to the vast spread of middle America is critical for the advancement of progressive politics.

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