The value of brainstorming goes way past the value of a good idea. Rather, it’s about the shared experience and context that is formed during a group session.

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Group brainstorming session with post-it notes. Image from Unsplash.

Focus on the process, not the ideas.

Brainstorming and ideation is a pivotal part of the design thinking process, which is often used in UX design. But sometimes people get too caught up in coming up with the perfect idea that the real value of a good brainstorming session gets lost.

This means that when your team brainstorms, you need to focus more on the benefits of the process, not just the ideas.

Let’s dive into those benefits and…

You only need one hue to create a stunning UI design as long as you keep these few tips in mind.

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Image from Unsplash. Image of wireframes of different colors.

In color theory, there are a number of different harmonies that you can work with to create various color palettes. However, when it comes to UI, it doesn’t take a slew of colors to create beautiful designs. In fact, sticking to a monochromatic scheme can help your designs look cohesive, clean, and sophisticated.

And the best part? Once you learn these few tips, it takes no time at all to create your palette.

At the end of this process you will have an easy to use a palette that consists of:

  1. Base color
  2. Lighter base variation
  3. Darker base variation
  4. Low…

Just like the classic “starring at a blank screen” feeling, sitting down to get creative can be daunting. While the most important thing to remember is that sometimes it just takes time, there are some tools that I use along the way that help get the ball rolling and keep my jumbled up mind somewhat organized.

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1. NOTION — The ultimate one-stop-shop

I like to notion think of it as my home base workspace. …

A creative lesson in “Urgent Optimism”

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You know how some gamers just can’t seem to quit. Even when they keep loosing the same level over and over…and over again. Why do they waste so much time on a level they can’t seem to beat?

Well, it’s actually not a waste of time. They’re actually getting better, gaining skills and “leveling-up.”

The thing about video games is the difficulty rises in proportion to the gamer’s skill level. So, as the player progresses through the game, the next victory gets more difficult to attain. But, it’s still juuust within reach. …

Take a look at the difference between fixed and growth mindsets, learn the rules of having a growth mindset, and find some tips to help get started.

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“Start with a growth mindset, the deep-seated belief that your true potential is still unknown.”

– Creative Confidence, by David M. Kelley and Tom Kelley

One of the most common obstacles that people face when trying to achieve their goals is having the wrong mindset. Challenges arise, things get hard, you hit a plateau, and you think, “maybe I’m just not cut out to do this.”

The secret is: no one is really…

No matter who you are, it’s within in your best interest to be creative, and it’s a lot easier than you’d think. Here are some common myths that inhibit creativity and reasons why you should chuck them out the window today.

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Truth: A common stigma surrounding creativity is that only those born to create are able to utilize creative skills effectively and profitably. It takes someone really special to turn a creative craft into a profession. As for the rest of us… well…might as well focus on something a little more realistic, right?

This couldn’t be further from the truth…

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Cultivating creative minds. Sharing UX and Design Thinking ideas along the way.

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