History is ineffable and profound, from the faintly recovered past, we relate, and continue into the future. From the unknown, pre-literate, pre-historical epoch, to the industrially regimented milieu. Our nostalgia for paradise projects individually world-wide, permeating history with ancestral reminiscence. But order was ordered, lines were made, and our nostalgia has been hushed and hurried into suit, epigeneticly swallowing our own nature. Relativism; of all things, is doubted. No longer are we in The Story freely, we have denied it, and forgotten it. Illusive boundaries filter us out of nature, onto the production line mentality.

You are a robot. No matter how you look at it. You, have been programmed. Everyone has been, and is being programmed, because everyone is under something. We all have to pay our dues, that’s a given, but right now, we are paying dozens of dues. The milieu of boundaries has wheedled into major acceptance and denial of relativism, and no change is happening.

“I laugh at the joke society offers, but take seriously what they don’t.”

Life seemed to me like a hoax that nobody laughed about, and everybody took very seriously. Alienating ideologies growing right before our gloomy eyes into reality. Language has programmed humans, alongside sugar, caffeine, and alcohol into robotic wonders of flesh. You have been cut by the male dominant edge. The robots we are making today, are just a reflection of what we have already become. Epigeneticly comfortable, and refusing deep reflection. Ideological realities have seeped into life, egotistically shunning novelty. Oppressive language beholds deceptive meaning that engenders assumptions. The ego strengthens its grip, boundaries fuse reality. Language beheld meaning, and meaning became our reality. Our reality reeks of lies, we are all living in lies. Brown rice is not brown rice, rice isn’t even rice, words don’t mean anything. So how did we learn this stuff? What would our realities be like without language? What are the origins of meaning in language?

Ideas, learning, and thought, arise out of the unknown. Some of your most profound life changing realizations come out of the unknown. We do not know where all of this comes from. Nor does science (maybe if they focused on it). Maybe the CIA or some secret nabobs have the locks on this stuff and is controlling our planet, who knows?

I have always held the courage to doubt when I feel so. Because reality is anything, so peculiarly doubt that which is fed to us, through science, news and media, etc.

I have always been a doubter, I doubt all realities because reality is anything; peculiarly that which is fed to us, through science, news, and the media.

Take this:

Let’s all admit that we are under some levels of control. The controlling arms have faces, representatives, institutions, organizations, that we tick and pick from.

Let’s also admit with hollow hearts, the faces of control, are puppeteered.

The ones that control us are being controlled by others.

Let’s admit also that much of what has happened in the past, and still is happening, from the millions of deaths from religion, to the twin towers and the drug war; is a sort of male-dominant, ego-visioned, grotesque growth in the story of humans.

These “others” are the exact people we should not be trusting, yet for some it’s not even a matter of trust or doubt, whatever they are fed, they believe. And these puppeteers know this plasticity of man’s reality.

It is up to it, if you fall out of the ego. But the informal gateway of code, out of the political programming, is leaking through the internet, via revering psychedelic boundary dissolution, forums, books, podcasts, and the vast world wide web as is. Trickling into select individuals, further permeating the information to others.

Learning is a sort of figuring stuff out. The narrator is you, the inner, the experiencer. The allegory is life, chaos, the outer, and the invisible landscape it beholds. The narrative is the relationship with the inner and outer, and it is provisional. So if you are figuring stuff out from institutions and organizations who don’t have it figured out . . . What are we figuring out?

College is just a matter of figuring out stuff. High school, the same. Sure its an experience, peculiarly groundless around the actual educative part, and heavily based on the certainty of financial stability, and secure career placements. A youthful cultural flocking, seeing others, just as lost as you, and therefore found, in a lost world, stapling the ego, to the gills of the heart. This stuff, gets layed right over peoples vision (not everyone’s) without them even knowing. Its no longer their reality. Their story has been burnt to a crisp, replaced with shoddy systematical ways of life that better serves the state. But I applaud all the people who don’t let the male dominant edge cut too deep.

Whether awakened, sleeping, or dreaming awake, the spirit we have held throughout history, whispering unto us, sitting deeply in our hearts; an Elysian revery of nostalgia. This natural mystery emits sonorous realities onto the horizon in which we awaken. The story of our culture is beyond, yet within us; existing on the edges. Human ideas through narrative response and their relation to the river of revery is what makes reality. But when male dominantly oppressed, and projected into innocent minds, the river of revery dries too a halt, and the cultural grid of reality gets layed over neural networks into a linguistically boundary enforcing program that a majority of the human population operate on unaware. This is the epigenetic paradigm of programming that starves us of our liveliness, and it needs hacking, anarchism, and revolutionaries; this is the next chapter of life on Elysian Fields, and if not taken on, will be our last.

I love kids. They are so raw, chaotic, and uncontrollable. They remind us of our nature, and how truly unconditional it is. They are wandering, and wondering. Flowing along the river of revery, eyes glazed in mystery, yell once, twice, thrice, the boy is still not enticed. They have yet to comply with culture’s code, remaining in their own world, with their own narrative. Until literally forced into an invisible molding process; stripping us of our narrative, abandoning our birthright of light, and left in the shadows of what we call life, only to pick up the pieces of our broken paradise with nostalgia and live within boundaries.

Confinement of any animal stirs nostalgia deeply into the soul. It is grotesque and neurotic. Accepting pre-made code by man is something all should not do, because there is no such thing. We swap our story, for some story billions of other people are digesting and accepting epigeneticly, because we think its okay, since we are all doing it. But this story catalyzed from the egotistical milieu years and years ago, and has been snowballed into an invisible ice age. Ordering disorder, freezing chaos, casting illusory shadows exponentially into a black hole of culture, secretly swallowing our nature, and ransacking our own precious cosmic stories with ideological epigenetic programming.

The shadow of history, where light hides deeply in the allegorical literature that humans have nostalgically narrativized throughout history. But they only let you see whats allowed. The “covering up” that has been done, ignoring it, and denying it, is the engine of ego and nabobs. How else is it, that the pre-historic can still leave us bewildered today by their wonders of the world. We are the dawn of the ego. We have become awake. Too awake, as much to call out and condemn each others awakeness. As much to come up with slavery, and wanderlust. As much to have two world wars. As much to resist the right of vote for women. As much to have an artificially controlled, shoddy paradise in the shadows. And blatantly accept it. We accept this control, because we are uncontrollable. Human capabilities are obviously beyond imaginary, we truly are uncontrollable, all life is uncontrollable, but can be foolishly controlled to an extent.

Why do BILLIONS of people come into this world, and not put up a revolution?

Is this really it? This is how humans settle in the world?


What if I told you, the uncontrollable, in some ways are the easiest to control?

The outlets of intellectual prying against the rules reveal light hidden, but still just as bright.

Where is the line of control drawn?

Are our dreams controlled, therefore programming us?

The reason why we accept this sort of control is because we are no longer aware of the uncontrolled, and how infinite, vast, and boundary-less it is.

Why do so many people live this pre-programmed life?

We are figuring out a bunch of stuff. But that is all, nobody has anything figured out totally. There is no single thing in the cosmos we as humans “know”. Life doesn’t work that way. You can’t figure it out. It is infinitely mysterious.

IT is the story. You can travel through it with three eyes. You can figure stuff out about it, with it. Manipulate it, study it, dissect it, and analyze it; the floodgates will open with novelty and each individual narrator relates to the chaotic allegory differently. We are all characters in the story, we all have our own story; your story is real, just as hers, and mine is. And each story is infinite. But once the ego steps in. There is a controlled story, and religion, war, and killing are some of the choices under the enforcing arms. Killing to be the most inhumanely ignorant; has been chosen, and still is chosen. The choices are endless when language solidifies a certain knowledge database in an awakened, enforced, egotistically epigenetic state, one has thousands of religions to choose from, millions of identities, millions of personalities, and the pre-programmed system you suit to fit. And these choices have weight in life, making it a challenge to naturally unfold into a path of growth. We are all limited right now as human beings on this planet right now. Trust that I am not gloom, for I am merely a freedom fighter with a vision that I may never see. Funny how once suit to fit a religion, other religion is strife. But what intellectuals are figuring out, is that the societal system enforces these choices very seriously, and with a male-dominant edge, emitting invisible boundaries that engender the ego into existence.

Epigenetics thrive in the stagnant. Where vision is ideologically still, the ego creeps.

Knowledge is an illusion, no body knows no body, and no body knows anything. But knowledge has leveraged fruition through language and the stagnant controlled reality that knowledge can only mold in. Knowledge is a mold. It get’s stinky enough over time for people to believe something else. This is an astonishingly obvious oblivion. This is the essence of what Thomas the doubter caught onto, and stood his ground, experiencing the light.

The intellectual apprentice of culture reaches a psychonautic pinnacle of figuring out that humans have just figured out a bunch of stuff, that’s it, and male-dominancy slipped in the secret back door of narnia into hierarchical ruling and the train hasn’t stopped producing sugar, caffeine, and oppressive boundaries since. We don’t know anything, so what are we being fed?

Lies . . .

Lies are the fueling works of oppression. The programming of boundaries in which filter our experience. Some still experience this program, others have broken through. The trivial and secretive looming manifestations of the Dark Oppression can be laughed at or taken very seriously. If taken very seriously, the illusion of knowledge operates on the stagnant stingy forefronts of reality. Standing dead armed with nothing but epigenetics, causing the dramatized, neurotic rigmarole of culture at large.

The government has perfected the dark art of ruling, and the ego, in which assumptions arise, and fall, without expressing the life within you. The inner and outer are separated by nothing but your ego, and the assuming neurosis that the dark cultural mileu emits into our invisible landscapes. Only you hold the key into your reality. Not your professor, media, friends, or your parents.

If we delve through the dark curtains of science; there is a lot of stuff, tons of stuff. Scientists seem to the egotistical eye, that they have a grips on the all mighty cosmos, but the reality of it is . . . they have no idea. Scientists can’t even tell you how you open or close your hands. The Scientists have dissected and analyzed nature expeditiously, discovering many things, but that’s it. Just a bunch of things, yes some have saved lives, others have done the opposite, leaving bone chilling stamps in history demanding the remembrance of the ineffable.

From the Soma described in the Veda’s, to the mushroom cult in the Sierra Mazateca Mountains. Chaotic boundary dissolution through altered states of consciousness birthed a light that has been authoritatively shunned. Humans are animals, we are life, we are nature, we are the cosmos; and we were deeply connected to something. The historical human connection to hallucinogens was severed egotistically, and our role in the cosmos mute.

The earth rises forth hallucinogens that connect us to what is, and shatters what isn’t.

Deep deep down, way down, you might not even be aware; but there is a chaotic energy field within you. A “breaking-loose” feeling that is elegantly embedded in Nature. A sense of no boundaries. Pure freedom. Science is trying to analyze and understand chaos while trying to be in it. This is a disfunctional programming towards “the vision with boundaries”. That’s what the hiearchical scum want you to be, a programmation of flesh through the authoritative lens. They don’t want you to be you, they don’t want you to trust yourself, they want you to fall into the hands of control.

Control is this dark life draining conformity. Its behavior within accepted behaviour. Its being in boundaries, seeing through boundaries, acting through boundaries, thinking and imagining through boundaries, ones whole life is filtered through these boundaries. So ever since this neurosis began, boundaries really did become our central reality. We are fleshducts of our boundaries, and human history is the mere allegory of the natural chaos shining through a life form vividly up against the resistful authoritative order.

This pinnacle of realization sparked the idea of escapism, religion, and choices in man for a “no mind”, like what we see in the East with yoga and meditation. Because some of us live in such a certain society, and we live so long, we figure out what a scam the world has become. Yet the scam cuts so deep, we find out that no choice matters, because all the choices in the world are pre-made and touched. Humans are forced to choose cultural tradition. Novelty is controlled, and these choices to free oneself, and share the liberation with others, is merely a dressed up ideology, religion is kind of like the final boss for ego abolishment, and eighty percent of the world is being fooled. In the Middle-East, or Asia, if one was to delve into their perceived “truths”, one would discover a lot based on the mind, you may have heard terms before such as: mindfulness, or no-mind. Meditation, yoga, pranayam, pranic healing, yana, yama, banana, so on; these are choices man has made to be liberated, and to what I believe, choices chosen subsequent to boundary enforcement. When boundaries began to settle in the mind, assumptions arose, neurosis stirred, and the ego was born. Once the ego sat its roots in humans, we began to make assumptions, choices, and began watching life, instead of living it. We all of a sudden got sucked out of life obliviously, and began labeling it with this and that as the “chosen way”, limiting freedom by authorizing boundaries, filtering human life through a disfunctional and unnatural paradigm.

This is all epigeneticly happening because we aren’t collectively aware of our relativism.

Disorder has it. Chaos has it. Nature is our closest family in relation with it. We don’t know what IT is, but IT is all, and IT has a tendency towards complexity, and so knowledge yields to IT, ever more provisional, all yields to chaos. Rapidly unfolding complexity through the cosmos. The Chaos is unimaginable. We can’t simply think we can know this stuff. I completely stand against all knowledge. We are up against light years of cosmic beauty, yet disconnected because we are watching. It’s engendering the potentiality of an eternal gloom on earth.

Page 138, Food of the Gods, by Terence Mckenna, Nostalgia for Paradise: “History is the story of our unfocused agony over the loss of this perfect human world, and then of our forgetting it altogether, denying it, and in so denying a part of ourselves.”

Now to me language is not just the words that your eyes are plucking off the screen, inputting the brain with the meaning of the word, and “pre-programming” you with the definition and how it connects to you. To me language is a dynamic visual field of information, this is what we fascinatingly gain access too through psychedelics. Now you can label this information, visions, hallucinations, the transcendent, god, the other, so on, but these are just words. A very recent study proved that humans attach meanings to words, but the words are apart of many different meanings. So in the study the word “top” was found in several places of the brain, therefore humans associate different meanings to the same word. What does this imply? Our access to information over and beyond, through and behind the curtains of the cosmos, and how we see it all in our own way. If this was studied on numerous different languages, including shamanic ecstasy, found in ancient tribes in the Amazon, or the Mushroom Cult of Mexico, communicated through culture by Gordon Wasson.

If words effect our brain, and as we can tell quite drastically, in other words, they have a gravitational pull into our perceived reality, and some would go as far to simply just say not only our perception, but to the unawares, their whole entire reality is formed through the boundaries of language trinkling down into your vision. They aren’t under-standing nature anymore, they are merely immersed in a societal joke, but taking it seriously! This is why The Plant Kingdom emits the cosmic giggle.

We aren’t a part of nature. I’m tired of people making unconscious linguistical boundaries. We aren’t separate from nature, nor are we from nature . . . We are totally nature, we are life, we are the cosmos, but we have taken some hard turns out of our natural connection. In history, it is known that what we now call “the ego”, was called “god” because it was a voice that spoke to them. But once word got around that god had betrayed the plans of his own for another, assumptions risen, boundaries melted furiously in place and cooled into the humans: an egotistical ephemeral oblivion, our awareness combined with boundaries, language, etc, has merely grown into a. sort of egotistical effervescent tumor that bubbles us up seperately from the invisible landscape into neurotic disfunctional living.

Consciousness: awareness of awareness. A very ineffable thing.

Once boundaries were put in place, and language grew through man, we began to stare at an array of assumptions, in which we live our lives around.

There are people who live their whole entire lives heavily based on language. This is neurotic, language is limiting to the vastness of life, especially when seen through the peephole of the industrial cog. Humans are similar to plastic, we are very malleable, and very sensitive, beyond comprehension. So when language soaks the mind of a child with associated meaning from a distinct language based on past and future, programming the child into a group, placed in culture, ruled under male-dominancy; ego’s cover hearts, and boundaries coat adventure.

Reality we come to discover is un-discovered, and lived within the boundaries of the authorized underground institutional grid lock that programs us into fleshbotic software that consumes the planet.

Amidst the archaic epoch, pre-literate, pre-historic, pre-pre-pre age, was pure, boundaries merely did not exist, freedom was thriving the growth of life with the power of chaos. Former standing on the epoch is unknown, millions of years ago, our brain size tripled in two-million years, and we have no fucking idea how this has happened. But if scientists quit pussy-footing around, we would come to the only idea staring us directly in the face. When we ventured out from the timberland as hominoids, onto the abundant grasslands of Africa. We were alongside the sumptuous gnosis of the plant kingdom that was the key to the future through hallucinations, in which a deep connection with the transcendental other takes place, and can reach us somehow through not just language, but through visions, feelings, and boundary dissolution, leaving you in an experience that has never been experienced, and if reflected, (and I think this is how we came across self-reflection) you build character within The Cosmic Story. The use of hallucinogens goes so far back in human history it is impossible to know truly what the world harmoniously offered us through the plant kingdom as we freely roamed the planet. These mushrooms, and our loving relationship with the dung producing cattle dates back millennia. These mushrooms, I believe, were staring us right in the face, rising up out of the grasslands in various regions throughout the world the size of dinner plates, with rainbows on them, begging to be eaten. Climatization starved us into a completely new environment, and just around that time, our brains transformed completely. We were transcended and connected to the earth, each other, nature, animals, and the cosmos ineffably. Now nostalgic whispers haunt our lives.

The mushroom spore can survive the frigid radiation of the cosmos. Possible isn’t it than, that this non-invasive, death eating fungi, has traveled the edges of space we have yet? Clinging to this ball of life, catalyzing and amplifying spiritual connection through intergalactical life forms and information. Subsequently growing and coaxing into existence, language. Hallucinogens spurred language by urging us to share and communicate ecstatic significance/boundary dissolution.

When us awakened ones venture hyperspacial edges, where true hallucinations lurk the infinite landscape, we would understand that we have foolishly succumbed to chaos under only authorized boundaries, and instead should move forward with chaos, absolutely, and entirely, this is what nature is teaching us and we just so happen to be hard-wired for this. Because this is where the creative forefront of reality rests; on the cool crispy edges of the mystical place where ideas come from and are brought forth into reality.

Creation is unleashed with exponential acceleration, this is the forefront of chaos that nature wants us to be operating on, nothing but pure freedom, and life. But boundaries crestfallen our horizon into a smoky, polluted milieu, hiraeth enveloped our core, our vision chipped away to a dull edge, and neurosis crept through authoritative curtains blinding us from the light, love, and chaos that we simply are. So when you resist chaos, and the natural ebbing and flowing of life, death lingers, no longer will nature be at ease. Nature will be in a state of dis-ease, it will become disfunctional. The dragon is awake.

Trust that I am not gloom, for I am merely a freedom fighter with a vision that I may never see.

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