3 Ways To Practice And Promote Self-Love

“women's pink turban” by hannah grace on Unsplash

There is no one more worthy of your love and respect than you. So why do most of us focus more on loving others while forgetting about ourselves?

2 years ago I was quick to put the needs and wants of others before my own. I said “Yes!” to every ask without thinking twice. I was stretched thin, pulled in a million different directions just to please everyone around me. It wasn’t until I read George McKeown’s book, “Essensialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” that I learned “No.” was a full sentence.

This book changed my life. It taught me a new way of assessing myself and the people I allowed in my life. No more putting others before me. If something or someone was not completely essential to my wellbeing, I wasn’t getting involved.

McKeown’s book not only taught me to look at life through a minimalist lens, but also to actively practice the principles of self-love without any effort.

Here are 3 ways you can begin to practice and promote self-love, staring today:

Get a hobby (you actually like).

Always wanted to learn how to dance? Attend a weekend beginner’s workshop. Like photography? Get out and start snapping photos. Whatever it is you’re interested in doing, dedicate an hour or two every week to focus on that hobby. Find something that makes you happy and go for it.

Do nothing.

All hobby’d out? There’s nothing wrong with taking a moment to slow down and recharge. Some of the best nights I’ve had weren’t out with friends at the bar (even though those nights are fun too!). If it centers you and involves little to no effort, go head. There is nothing better than having absolutely no plans, laying in bed with a bottle of wine, and binging old TV series on Netflix. My typical night-in also includes a face mask and hot bath. Take a pic to show your friends how much fun you’re having without them, then shut it off and enjoy.

Remind yourself of how bomb you are.

I like to leave myself funny notes and compliments on post-its around my room and desk to remind me to stay motivated. Life is too short to spend it putting yourself down. Stand firm in your confidence and if that’s something you struggle with, start small. Write yourself a compliment or a motivational quote and tape it to your bathroom mirror. This will ensure that you see something positive every day and will hopefully remind you that you are better than anything that’s keeping you down.

It’s okay to be unapologetically you.

Be fearless in the love and joy you experience with yourself. You won’t regret it.

Don’t know where to begin?

I got you covered. Shoot me a DM on Instagram. We can begin working on your goals together.