“man standing beside cliff” by Junior Moran on Unsplash

How To Turn Your Passion Into Action

Stop waiting for the right time to start doing what you love.

When you think about your dreams and what you’re passionate about, does it scare you? Do you get anxious and excited because, as crazy as your ideas may seem, something inside you is screaming, “This is more than a gut feeling.”?

Nothing worth having comes easy. But that’s the fun in following your dreams! There are absolutely no limits to what you can achieve if you don’t get in your own way.

To turn you passion into action you need to be strategic and fearless.

Be specific about what you what to accomplish and work from there. What can you do, starting today, to get closer to your dreams?

Every two weeks, write out 5 goals that are related to you getting closer to your desired lifestyle. Crush them and repeat.

Breaking your main goal down into smaller goals makes that “crazy idea” seem much more attainable. You cannot allow self doubt and fear to extinguish the fire of your passion. You deserve everything you are working towards and the only person standing in your way is you.

For all my creatives, entrepreneurs, future moguls and role models: Now is the time.

Now is the time for you to start that podcast. To post that tutorial video. To publish that article.

Why wait until tomorrow? In my last article I gave you 3 reasons why you should follow your dreams now. If you don’t start now you most likely never will.

Don’t know where to begin? I got you covered. Shoot me a DM on Instagram. We can begin working on your goals together.