Dora Piñata

For my fifth birthday I got a Dora piñata

I don’t remember much about it but everybody tells me I clung onto her like my life depended on it

As if letting go of her meant letting go of part of myself

When I wasn’t looking they grabbed her and one side side strung her to a tree, and on the other my cousin held the string to shake her around

The kids at the party swung at her and my sister says I started wailing

She says i cried for an hour

The small Mexican girl I loved so much in pieces on the floor

The other kids fight over the candy that was sitting in her stomach, spilled on the grass, surrounding her

When I was 15 years old I went to see the new Power Rangers movie with my friends

When I saw Triny I remember trying to reach into the screen to hold her

Trying to cling onto her

As if letting go of her meant letting go of a piece of myself

I kept my eyes on her like a hawk

Knowing what would happen next

But the yellow ranger held her ground

That lesbian Latina wasn’t going to be tied up to a tree and get smacked around for what was inside of her

You see, I like to think Triny is what would have happened to my young explorer had they not beaten her to a pulp

And maybe that’s why they don’t want me to exist outside of these 2 characters

Because plot twist

The power rangers and Dora always beat the bad guy

Afraid if I had any other influences I might get too confident and try to beat them too

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