the girl I like is an actress

a poem about the girl I liked sophomore year

The girl I like is an actress

She commands the stage

And you want to watch her every move

Every second your eyes are on her

And it’s not just because she’s the most beautiful person in a room of almost 8 hundred

The girl I like is an actress

She becomes every character and every character becomes her

She knows them from the inside out

The girl I like is an actress

I want to be able to read her mind like you can read her facial expressions when she’s on stage

I want to know her like she knows her character

The boy I thought liked her is an actor

They played a couple during the winter show

He had to yell at her and it broke my heart

He writes his own show

casts her as his love interest

The character changes 2 times during the writing process

She quits the week of the show

Another girl takes the role.

Her guy best friend is a dancer

She follows him to his recitals like a puppy

She talks about him constantly

He’s her lock screen

She posts about their long facetime chats

He was the first one she though of coming here and the last one she’ll think about when she leaves

Our friend in drama says she’s my biggest fan

After dance I tell actress she can tell me about the boy she thinks is cute

I said because she didn’t like him anyways

Our friend says actress is my biggest fan

Actress looks as confused as I am

Actress repeats the sentence and my heart drops

The girl I like is an actress

But I can’t act around her

I’ve never had butterflies in my stomach

But my heart starts racing

My hands get sweaty

I can’t think straight

But she can stay calm and cool

She’s great at it

She’s been acting like this for ever

Probably because she isn’t acting

But still

The girl I like is actress