We’re in a galaxy full of stars

Each star has their own solar system, a story to be told

But one star catches my eye the most

She seems to shine more blue compared to the orange, yellow, and red hues surrounding her

I think I’m the first star in this particular galaxy by her side

But I’m not the first star on her mind

And I don’t know that until eons later

Soon the other starts can see her vibrant blue like I can

But the others shine brighter than I can

They catch her attention better than I can

They keep her longer than I can

They know her better than I can

Their conversation flow more easily than mine can, make better jokes than I can, write better than I can, think better than I can, and are better than I can be

Even after all this time, she’s still the brightest star in our galaxy

She picked up some yellow along the way making her the most unique shade of green I have ever seen

Eternities later she tells me she saw me in a different galaxy and knew she had to be friends with me

I’m just about ready to explode, a super nova waiting to happen

But you can’t say that’s anything knew, she makes me feel like that almost every day

There are days when she’s a black hole, sucking all light in the surrounding area, but never really harming anyone

Black holes are mysterious, no one knows what happens when you enter one, just that they’re cold and dark

But she’s not a black hole, she just looks like one

A simple comment or joke from another star and she’s back to her beautiful green self

But a comment from me and she’s just as dull as before

I want to shine as bright as the others stars do to her

Be the first star on her mind when I’m in a room with her

Be the first and last by her side in any Galaxy

I want her to see me in a color like that I see her and her green hue

To stand out to her in a galaxy full of other stars the way she stood out to me