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I just cannot understand the attitude and incompetence of legislatures who write these bills, and do not understand their own actions. Over and over, we are hearing about Trump voters who are amazed, surprised, and taken aback from what he and his following congresspersons have done with the healthcare of this country. Here is a case of a leader in the writing of this bill, and now: now, he admits it has a big problem. Why didn't they listen, while the rest of the country told them: hands off? Instead, they went with the flow of fellow Republican leaders, who all believe that the majority of Americans wanted to get rid of the ACA. They still refuse to admit that their win, in the elections, was not a mandate. They believe the majority of Americans were, and are, against the government being involved in health care measures. That is not what polls show. Yes, polls do show that Republicans were against it (simply ”because that black Muslim was in office and pushed it through?”). They are wrong. The majority did NOT want this. A large minority did. Just between the Republicans and Democrats, three million more voted against Trump, but the variances of our political system ignores that. On top of those 3 million, there were many more, third party voters who also voted, and you can bet THEY were against the Republican platform of derailing Americas health care, also.