My sisters and I went swimming at our friends house the other day. The four is us are black, and the other seven girls that were there were white. But that fact didn’t really matter to us, that’s just how it was. But one big, undeniable difference between black and white people besides our skin is our hair. Everybody else had long, straight hair while my sisters and I had shorter, thicker and curlier hair. Our hair was twisted and braided up to stay out of our faces.

We had been swimming for a while when one of the girls asked me,

“What are those things in your hair? They kinda’ look like braids!” She was in fact, referring to my cornrows.

“They’re called cornrows, they’re a specific type of braid.” She smiled and nodded.

“Oh! I’ve seen those before! I got them put in my hair at the beach last year!”

I laughed. I knew exactly what she was talking about. Those silly cornrows that cost way too much and that often aren’t even installed by a black person! Can you believe it? I still find it funny that she didn’t recognize the cornrows while they were in my hair, the coarse hair that one would usually see cornrows.

“ So did you do those yourself?” She proceeded to ask.

“Yes I did,” I answered with pride. Those braids take a while and they hurt my hands, I’m proud of the work.

“Wow. Can you do that to me??” I was shocked, but then I thought, who wouldn’t want a cool hairstyle like this?

“ I sure can! Do you have a comb?”

We both hopped out of the poor and she ran into the house to gat me a comb, brush, and hair ties! We sat on the back porch steps, she sat one step below me so that I could easily see all of her hair. As soon as I started braiding the other girls came over to watch me and two other girls asked if I could do it to their hair as well. Of course I couldn’t deny their request. I wanted to get as many of those girls in cornrows as possible.

I only braided the top sections of their hair, the gathered the rest of the hair and put it all in one large braid to the back. They all loved their cornrows. They showed their other friends, they took pictures with them in their hair.

Now of course they did not look the same compared to my hair in cornrows, but that’s fine. Our hair texture is different, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t all love and rock similar hairstyles!

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