Saving your iPhone Storage in Just One Click!

[New York, 1 January 2015]

Is your storage full on iPhone? If yes, it will be annoying though. iPhone has the innovation for creating high definition photos and videos. Its camera performance is unbeatable among others. However, this benefit has a negative side as well. Full definition pictures and videos mean a lot of memory will be used there. Therefore, you will run out your memory easily. This way you will enjoy your smartphone longer than a few months. Moreover, it is not the only factor. Sometimes your phone collected cache and junks. These are useless, yet still undetected by you. Manual deletion is time consuming. Here, there is a smarter way for it.

The solution is called by iMyfoneUmate. This is a free app is Apple Store. It has several benefit for your iPhone you will have by installing it. This app has prove by many users. It is effective and overcome storage full on iPhone. It is not randomly deleted your data. It diligently select it and let you execute them only in just single click! In this case, you will have to choice for apps. First, in your iPhone and in PC. However, PC app is recommended to operate it perfectly and give you more details for your phone condition.

First, you must download the cleaning application on After that, you will have to connect your iPhone in your PC if you use the PC choice. Automatically, the interface of iMyfoneUmate will ask your permission to scan your files and junks. Here, just click “Quick Scan”. It has over than 25 technologies which are able to analyze the unused files junks. There are various useless memory eater which can be deleted by this program. A wide-range of caches, junks, useless data, crash logs app, and temp files are able to clean by clicking “Clean” button. The place is on the right bottom corner. It exactly overcomes storage full on iPhone.

It also ensures the information safety of your data. Therefore, your data will never been illegally wiped out through the internet. Moreover, iMyfoneUmate back up your files before actually delete it. It will allow you to deselect deleted data. This app has amazing work for your iPhone device. It works well as file compressor as well. In this case, your photo and video with large capacity will be compressed by the app. It makes your storage more usable and keeps the pictures and videos still available. Storage full on iPhone will never be your problem again. Of course, this app is free.

“The free program worked so good that I already recommended it to my friends. I won’t worry about the problem that junk files slow my iPhone any more! And I wanna upgrade it to Pro version to manage my photos and apps” said Nadiya Lynch, one of the iPhone users who tries this app. Do you have interest to give a try for solving Storage full on iPhone?

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