Whether he is playing soccer, video games, giving back to his community, or helping with his family, Madisson Ledan knows that the little things are what matters the most.

Madisson Ledan isn’t your average young adult . He repeatedly has gone above and beyond in order to help those who are less fortunate while still maintaining his love for friends and family.

Madisson Ledan doesn’t just keep the information he knows about sports to himself. He can frequently be found giving advice to those who came after him and are running track and field. He advises athletes to be cautious…

Avid world traveler Madisson Ledan explains why every traveler should visit Haiti in their lifetime.

Haiti is an off-the-beaten-path travel destination, but those who have been, are insisting other travelers visit this piece of Caribbean paradise. Madisson Ledan is one of those people. He’s an avid traveler who has visited Haiti multiple times, and he recently explained just what makes this country such a special travel destination.

“Travelers flock to the Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, and other Caribbean destinations,” Madisson Ledan says. “But a lot of them are skipping right over Haiti, deeming it an unnecessary stop. …

Former Track and Field Star Madisson Ledan Offers Tips to High Schoolers for the Upcoming Track and Field Season

Former track and field star and lifelong athlete Madisson Ledan provides his top tips to young athletes for the upcoming spring track and field season.

The spring track and field season is underway at high schools across the country, and former track star Madisson Ledan is offering his top tips to help young athletes succeed.

“Safety is the most important part of enjoying a successful track season,” Madisson Ledan says. “The beginning of the season is when a lot of injuries occur, because athletes are just getting back into shape.” Madisson Ledan and other track and field enthusiasts express the importance of warming up with dynamic…

Youth team sports increase a child or adolescent’s physical activity level. However, experts in youth athletics, like Madisson Ledan, express that team sports offer so much more than just physical activity. Sports, especially when played in a team setting, offer a number of emotional, mental and physical benefits.

Fitness expert Madisson Ledan, who played youth soccer, ran track in high school and continues to play team sports as an adult, highlights that it’s especially important for parents to get their kids involved in some kind of team sport or activity.

“It doesn’t matter if its football, soccer, swimming, sailing or…

Madisson Ledan soccer banner
Madisson Ledan soccer banner

Madisson Ledan is a student who seeks to bring his community in Boynton Beach, FL, together. He says that starting a Soccer league has made his neighborhood feel like a family.

In Boynton Beach, FL, Madisson Ledan is known for his efforts to try to bring people together. From founding a video game club in school to his trips to help rebuild Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 2010. Madisson Ledan has recently started a pick-up league for soccer in his neighborhood to make it feel more like a real community.

“If I am completely honest, the inspiration came from…

Madisson Ledan happy
Madisson Ledan happy

Madisson Ledan, from Boynton Beach Fl, is a student who formed a gaming club at school. He states that the gaming club has helped him be more social and improved his school life.

In late 2018 Madisson Ledan formed a gaming club with his friends for them to spend more time with each other outside of school. At first, it was just the three of them, but after several months they grew to around ten concurrent members and continued to grow from there. They initially focused on games they had played before, but as the group grew, they expanded horizons…

Madisson Ledan, a Boynton Beach native and student, visits Haiti ten years after a devastating tragedy and tells his story.

In 2010 Haiti was struck by a catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake that forever changed the lives of the inhabitants of the Caribbean nation. While the quake lasted just under thirty seconds, estimations put casualties over two hundred and fifty thousand, with over three hundred thousand injured. The damages were widespread, with over two hundred and fifty thousand residential houses destroyed. Ten years later, the nation still finds itself reaming from the devastation. …

Madisson Ledan

Madisson Ledan loves being outdoors. Whether it is a team sport like soccer, or individual events like track and field he enjoys being outside.

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