CNA Week 3

White Supremacists Attempting to Recruit on College Campuses; Fliers Found in Lynchburg

This week in Lynchburg, white supremisits are rallying up the troops at local universities. Recruitment posters were found at various locations. Liberty Police Department has stated images looked to be photoshopped and that it is unfortunate groups like this would try to and use trickery to associate with a school like Liberty.

Longtime Lynchburg Librarian Lynn Dodge has Died

Librarian, Lynn Dodge, passed away this past Tuesday, September 12. She managed the library for 40 years. A service to celebrate her life will be held Saturday at noon, at Westminster Canterbury.

State Denies Full Accreditation to Four Lynchburg Schools

The Virginia Department of Education released its updated accreditation ratings revealing Lynchburg as a trouble spot. Within Lynchburg, nine of the 16 schools fell short of full accreditation. The schools have been given a couple extra weeks to submit any additional information to the Department of Education for further analysis.

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