What defines “good” writing?

When I think of the pieces I spend time reading, the ones that stand out, or are most memorable are those that evoke some type of emotion from me. Whether it be an article on helpless animals a punny piece with an abundance of relatable memes, or a well + good classic that pushes me to be a healthier, stronger, more self-loving version of myself, chances are, I’ll be hooked.

It isn’t all too hard for me to come by some solid articles, but books however, are a completely different story… I am a sucker for a good tear jerker, gory murder mystery, or cheesy romance novel. But for some reason I always unleash my inner “red penned” novel nazi alter ego when opening a new paper back. (yes I realize that novel nazi is probably not socially acceptable but its the perfect explanatory image so I have to go with it). I am not usually one to jump on the bandwagon of the fad titles floating around the twitter-sphere but sometimes I must admit I would cover The Fault in Our Stars with a brown paper bag book cover (like the elementary days) if I really had to. Alright, alright that one was a high school classic and I’m not ashamed to declare that… in writing… like I am doing at the moment. But usually the most hyped up titles aren't really all that “hype?”

Its okay to want to venture out to other genres than what are currently trending… I promise you don’t have to read Rupi Kaur’s, Milk and Honey if poetry isn’t your thing. But do not fret, for if poetry isn’t your thing and you STILL bought that book we are going to snap to your basicness. Because I am sure you’re now avidly following the Indie scene.

Good writing to me can not be measured by its societal fame, retweeted quotes, or its Insta-story feature on some girls lap in her “effortlessly cozy bed” which is really just an unmade bed… which is already appealing because it is a reminder that most of us want to go back to sleep? And now that I am already ranting, good writing is not defined by being a New York Times Bestseller, because I am pretty sure that every book in B&N is a New York Times Bestseller… just sayin. #boomroasted

Good writers, are those who take their work 10 notches higher than everyone else around them. They know their stuff, they have interesting and relatable content, they have an enticing storyline and irresistible plot. They are writing about things they love… they don’t write about mainstream agendas (writing about mainstream is so mainstream) *activate eye roll. They are telling a story, or informing you of an event, or relaying information that is misunderstood or that could be misunderstood. Good writers produce art. They take a step off of the paved streets and coast the uncut, wild, dirt roads. They give you something real. Something you can feel; something you can take away from reading their works. Good writing keeps your mind going even after you’ve closed the book, exited the tab, or swiped up. Good writing stays with you from that point on, entering the filing cabinet in our brains of information that made us smile, made us motivated, made us cry, made us think… Good writing turns words into actions.

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