How to be great at asking coding questions
Gordon Zhu

I think that these are great practical steps to help us analyze and break down a problem: you make sure to do everything you can before you ask for help. The problem comes when you need to share all that technicality within a community forum. Everyone needs communication to understand the situation, so this is where the back and forth conversations happen. To avoid this, perhaps before posting a just a random question, organize your entire post within a text document:

1. First, ask the question that you need to ask.

2. Document the simple steps that Gordon has outlined above, (Steps 1–11) fully explaining the situation, leaving nothing out.

3. Adjust/edit/double-check your post in the text document. Then, copy the post to the community forum that you are on.

Organizing posts in this way can go a long way to getting help faster and more efficiently.

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