Dating Older Women- Everything You Need to Know About

Naman Mathur
3 min readMar 5, 2022


Dating an older women is like dating a women your age. The same rules apply to respecting women, seeking approval, friendship, etc.

The only difference is the age difference: you want to meet someone who has years of experience ahead of them. Here are five tips for dating older women:

1. Don’t focus on the age difference

Older women dating

Dating an older women means that she knows that she is dating a younger man. Both of them were aware of the age difference, so there was no point in remembering the age difference.

She already knows that she is older than you, don’t state the obvious. Just date her like you would date someone your age.

Another thing you should NOT do is refer to her as a “cougar”, it is an offensive term.

2. Don’t treat her like your mother

If you are dating an older women, you should treat her with respect, not as your mother or friend, but as someone with whom you have a romantic relationship.

Do not go to him to tell him all your problems and get advice, especially if you are in the early stages of the meeting and have not committed.

Do not look to him for a guide for life; you don’t go to him to guide you and punish you. Above all, do not ask her to cook for you, wash you and pay for your education, she is not your mother.

3. Know what she wants from the start

Tips dating older women

Of course you don’t want to be played with or have your heartbroken over a relationship.

So, before you decide to take the next step, you must be clear about whether your women wants a daily or serious relationship.

There are older women (especially married ones) who date younger men out of boredom (it happens). You don’t want to gape on the street, do you?

4. Be firm, but don’t rush into sexual intimacy

Assertiveness is sexy and shows maturity for your age. A man is brave enough to know what she wants and show it.

She wasn’t afraid of her, it was the most attractive trait for older women. Even if she is older, you can still have a relationship; most women dating a younger man will appreciate that.

5. Don’t be afraid

Dating a older woman tips

Sometimes it can be scary to meet a women who has more experience than you when it comes to dating, sex, and life in general.

Instead of trying so hard or hiding from the truth, it’s better to be honest with your partner about things you don’t know much about.

The fact is that your wife knows a lot more than you. You have to accept this harsh truth and try to learn what she knows without fear.

last words

It is normal to be attracted to older women: they are independent, beautiful, and confident.

There is nothing wrong with that! But before you decide to meet him, we hope you will remember everything you have read on this page.

Remember, don’t be afraid of what other people might think or say — stay true to your heart and who you are. After all, this is your life!