Stepping Into The Future of Madness.

Born Mad

In December 2021, when I wrote our MM EOY reflections, I recall sharing about how I was worried about the macro factors that were shaping up and that regardless what 2022 brings, nothing will stop the Madness. As always in life, talk is easy, actions and decisions are what truly matters. Nothing could ever prepare us for what this year has brought forth to everyone in the industry.

Polygon of Madness.

Polygon is an environment that embodies key characteristics that empower projects to succeed

Polygonal Plans

Our Polygon MM collection will boast a total size of 12,000 Mad Kats. We as a team decided to expand our first collection as a whole because,

  • Given the fact that the community will now include audiences from 2 chains.
  • Most of it will be airdropped to existing holders.

Cronos Plans

Now, make no mistake. There is still plenty left to build in Cronos, and we will be working hard to ensure success of all chains. Here’s what’s coming for all #crofam in the coming weeks and months:

  • MMA and its entire route of development. We are stoked to see the madness in our Mad Sacks Mint, and are thrilled to bring MMA to you guys soon. MMA is our first foray into gaming, and #crofam will be our first audience to enjoy these developments. Expect beta launch, upgrades, new items, implementation of various modes, and more to come in the future.
  • Under One Roof Season 2. We are starting to look out for good partners to join us in the next rendition of Under One Roof. Applications have already begun streaming in but this window is still open. Let the team or mods know if you have any project in mind.
  • $MAD Integrations. We have said this for some time now, $MAD has a final utility that is still unexplored. We have been working behind the scenes with strong projects on this. More will be revealed in due time.
  • Other collabs with good projects, such as in the form of joint artwork


People often desire a life without challenges. Perhaps when you’re one with the Madness, you question if the definition of such a life is one that you’d like. Real challenges are rare opportunities for greater success and personal growth. The gains from which are of course tremendous and that’s exactly why it’s perhaps meant to be truly scary. Yet here we are regardless, ready to embrace the entirety of the coming Madness. Question is… are you?



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