The Dynamic Madness.

Under One Roof Season 2

If you have been in the burrow, you’d be familiar with what Under One Roof is — one of the ways we work with good projects with similar values as us by enabling their NFTs as boosters in our treehouses (Well, who says only meerkats can stay in the treehouses?) The first round was met with resounding success, and we have decided to do a second round. Currently, applications have closed, and we have started confirming partners. We are continuing to evaluate the best way to work with applicants and will be releasing this soon.

$MAD Collaborations

We’ve long teased of additional utility of $MAD doing something a little madder. We have a series of upcoming mints of NFT Collections in $MAD (Just like MAD Crow), and we are also pleased to announce that $MAD will be a key token that will be using in Beta Mascot’s upcoming marketplace for real world goods. This has been a discussion that popped up since months ago when we saw people talking about trading cards in the burrow. We know the burrow has tons of people with a history of collecting physical collectible items, so this will benefit most of you, amongst others ;)

Real World Collaborations

During the past few months, we as a team decided to re-pivot our strategy in growing the MM brand. Instead of having the focus to be wholly centered on web 3.0, we saw huge potential in collaborations with real world brands. Beginning from the country most of the team is based in, we have already spoken to a few local brands. The plan is to first, start from local before expanding to globally recognised brands. Although this plan has already proven to be an uphill task (businesses in our country are a little more conservative + Crypto’s reputation due to the recent mishaps), the team is actively pursuing more meetings with brands simply because, all we need is one, successful collection and this initiative will gain significant traction. Some of our leads have gotten headways, more will be shared upon further confirmations.

Digital Collaborations

We are also working with a couple of other partners on artistic collabs, joint activity, and some additional benefit. Bringing good artwork, fun and utility into the burrow is definitely a top priority! We’ll keep this a little secret for now until more news is announced along the way.

MME Staking Utility

In one of our Play Thinking sessions, this topic came up. Mad Sacks minting was a huge success — Can we put them into another good use? We may enable staking of these equipment, and the combination of statistics will determine the % APR obtained from a $MAD staking pool. Strength is clearly not the only thing here! More to be announced soon, but similarly, this staking utility is expected to begin in Q3.

MMA + Poly MM NFTs

With MMF taking the first step into Polygon and kickstarting the next stage of Madness, it is wise to assume that the NFT arm of MM will be the next top priority. Therefore at present, The Decorator and her team of Mad Kats are working round the clock to further add a tinge of Madness into the next collection while also building MMA. MMA’s building is also underway as it has been since its announcement. Although significant progress has been made, a lot more is needed and we are attempting to re-hire developers that were with us in the past few months. For context, we had to reduce our overall team size significantly during past few months of severe bearishness to alleviate costs so as to shield the community from as much resultant impacts.



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