Welcome to Polygon MMB.

Poly MMB Key Information

Let’s begin with the information that everyone is most excited about, Poly MM Snapshot details.

Snapshot Details:

Airdrop requirements:

-Wallets that must be holding at least one DMM
-You need at least 1 DMM to even qualify for airdrop.
— You only need one DMM in your wallet to qualify for the entire set of rules, not one DMM for each rule (E.g if you have 2 ETH MM and 1 DMM, you get 2 airdrops)

Key First Utility:

-Similar to Cronos, all PMMB can be staked on MMF.
-Amplify your daily yield by 1% per Mad Kat staked.
-Stake a max of 3 Mad Kats to boost your total returns by 3%, daily.

Moving on to Mint details.

Poly MM Mint Details:

Whitelist Mint Supply: Leftover after airdrops. It is pertinent that key $MAD holders get priority first.
Whitelist Requirements: Holders of 1000 $MAD and above will qualify for this whitelist.
Whitelist Snapshot Timeframe: 8th September, 1300 UTC onwards, exact time to be taken at random. Thus, please have your $MAD token assets ready for the airdrop BEFORE 1300 UTC, and do not transfer them until further notice. Please take note that this mechanics is different from the airdrops mechanism.
-Also, as there are many holders of $MAD, and possibly few Poly MMB NFTs after airdrops, do note that there will be scenarios where not every $MAD holder with 1000 $MAD and above will be able to mint assuming every $MAD holder tries to mint. Please be ready.

Mint Token: USDC
Whitelist Mint Price: 329 USDC
Timeframe for whitelist: 3 hours.
Total Public Mint Supply: Leftover after airdrops and whitelist.
Public Mint price: 399 USD

Mint Date: 12th September
Mint Time and Other Conditions:
1300 UTC: 1000 $MAD holders, max supply of 700.
1400 UTC: 1000 and 500 $MAD holders, max supply of 1000.
1500 UTC: 1000, 500 and 250 $MAD holders, remainder of supply.
1600 UTC onwards: Public Mint, remainder of supply after Whitelist Mints
Mint Limit: 3 per Transaction

Polygonal Madness.



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