The Great San Francisco Plant Heist

Hi. I recently posted this on NextDoor: Hello. I just lost two beautiful Sunburst aeoniums from my front yard. There were big, multi-colored and visible from the street, affording pleasure to passers-by. Sometime during the night or early morning they were ripped out by a plant thief, who also stole the same type of aeonium from my neighbor across the street. I am posting this because it appears that the incidence of plant theft is rising city-wide, probably because unscrupulous landscapers are not above buying and using stolen plants. I just filed a police report. If there are enough such reports, perhaps that will trigger an effective response. I invite other plant thief victims to do the same. Plant theft is nothing new, of course, but it appears to be operating on a much larger scale than before, with people eager to replace lawns with drought-tolerant plants. It has the “smell” of an organized ring, which ought to be getting the cops’ attention. San Francisco is a beautiful city in large part because of the gardens we maintain. To have thieves wreck them is really upsetting. Rethinking: I doubt it’s a single organized “ring.” More likely there are multiple opportunists, ranging from uncscrupulous gardeners and landscapers to ….??a fence skilled at selling plants on the Web??

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