If you’re crying in the loos or feeling unlike your usual self at work, take a look at what’s going on around you. Is your office making you sick? If you feel crazy but can’t explain why – it may be psychological abuse or gaslighting.

Gaslighting, harassment or bullying?

If your staff turnover is high and client tenure short, it says a lot about your culture. Having a good one is all about people, not ping pong tables and soft furnishings.

Company description in an actual job ad

Second-grade girls charged with collusion after early morning collision with the school principal.

Little Miss Sunshine, Roger Hargreaves, image: Madonna Deverson

When I was seven years old, I got into serious trouble at school and took my friend down with me.

In the Era of Trump, when the President is acting like a competitor, how do you protect your brand?

Image by Madonna Deverson 2016

In the era of [insert here]

Has email become less urgent — almost irrelevant — as we shift towards more intimate, instant messaging platforms? Word.

Image by the author. @ Nick Metropolis, Los Angeles 2016

How revisiting old words can inspire new ones.

For a job interview, I set up a fake blog as a prop to explain “blog culture”. My premise? How brands could use blogs to show some personality, to let consumers see behind the corporate curtain.

You are here.

Collingwood: night and day

Streets of Collingwood. Photo: Madonna Deverson

Nearly three-quarters of us are going through the motions, showing up but only doing what is absolutely necessary to get through the day at our jobs.

Photo: Fed up graffiti, New Jersey. Madonna Deverson

Poorly run meetings are the biggest time suck.

Talking Heads, Image by Madonna Deverson, Nick Metropolis Collectibles, LA 2016

Madonna Deverson

Formerly @ New York Times, Ogilvy, Fox News, CCNY-BIC, Leo Burnett. Brand strategist, news researcher, writer: trends, brands, culture, media www.CONTXTURE.com

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