Why Every Growing Business Needs Enterprise Apps

While enterprise software was the buzzword for businesses throughout the world until 2015, mobile technologies have taken over in the past 2–3 years. And with mobile-driven trends are defining consumer choice, it is best for businesses to create mobile apps of their own.

As per a study by Gartner, around 79% of the businesses have increased their mobile spending by as much as 36%. This number is increasing considerably with every passing year.

Modern enterprises are moving relentlessly and technology, especially mobile technology, is playing a vital role in their growth. Increasing number of businesses now use enterprise applications for a host of their day-to-day activities. While it was enterprise software in the past, it is Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) that is ruling the business landscape. As a matter of fact, almost 93% of the large-scale businesses in the US now use enterprise applications.

While there are several reasons for businesses to use enterprise applications, 6 of the most important ones are-

1. Better Efficiency and Productivity

With increasing competition in every industrial sector, it is almost impossible for most of the businesses to get away with any kind of slack in their functioning. If you want your business to remain competitive, employee productivity and internal efficiency are two of the most important factors that should be improved. Enterprise mobile application development can significantly contribute to both of these factors.

With the help of enterprise apps, employee productivity can be improved, business processes can be optimized to boost process efficiency, and reveal insights which can drive newer business models. With the help of mobile apps, businesses can develop a lean business model with better transparency.

2. Sharing Business Information

One of the most important assets of every successful business organization is information sharing. Every important information, if passed to the employees in a timely manner can result in a host of benefits. Enterprise applications are a boon for sharing business information. With the help of these applications, information of any complexity can be easily simplified and passed to the employees.

Moreover, with the help enterprise mobile app development, employees get to access all the important information from a single source. They don’t have to waste their time searching for the data from multiple sources, collect it for sending and then wait for receiving. This not only helps in saving time but also keeps the maintenance costs lower as compared to other solutions.

3. Empowering Field Workers

Modern businesses rely abundantly on mobile. Employees of an organization now work from multiple locations and need to reach the customers rather than hoping that the customers would reach them. Similarly, sales and service importance has also grown tremendously. Many different types of businesses, like courier companies, airport mechanics, delivery services, etc. have technicians or agents on the field.

With the help of devices like mobile phones and tablets having enterprise apps, the field workers can always stay connected to the office and receive insights about the process in real-time. The apps allow the remote employees to feed data from a place away from the office which is then analyzed by the enterprise system to gain helpful insights. For the customers too, the visibility and transparency in the work of field workers help improve the reliability of the company.

4. Take Advantage of Newer Opportunities

It is now vital for every business organization to look for newer opportunities and take advantage of them as quickly as possible to take their business to the next level. A lot of modern businesses fail only because they do not use the right tactics, software, and a mechanism that can help them understand newer opportunities.

In such cases, the enterprise mobile application development platform can be very useful. They can help businesses recognize and respond quickly to new opportunities. Moreover, the apps can also help address all the changes in business reputation, management problems, marketing policies, and more.

5. Stay Competitive

Mobile technologies are trending throughout the world and businesses are making the best use of these technologies. Modern mobile users, including the customer’s and internal employees, prefer having a simple interface through which they can easily deal with an underlying complexity and enterprise mobile app development perfectly fits this requirement.

While the traditional web-interfaces can offer solutions too, the gradually changing nature of the internet and businesses makes mobile apps a far better choice. Most of the modern users anyway expect more performance and usability as compared to the conventional web-based solutions. This is another reason which makes enterprise applications not only a better but also a necessary solution for modern businesses.

6. IT Process Simplified

The simpler your IT process is, the higher will be the satisfaction of the users. With modern consumers, there is now nothing more important for the businesses to provide them simplified technologies that can result in maximum satisfaction. Fortunately, now we have advanced technologies which have made it possible for the businesses to make the lives of their customers easier.

Most of the bigger companies struggle when it comes to managing their IT infrastructure. Enterprise mobile apps development, with their simplified processing, can be a savior for businesses struggling with their IT processes. The applications enforce an improved technique which combines information and functionality of multiple applications in a single package. The simplicity not only makes it easier for the customers to access the data but also assists businesses in serving the data to the potential customers, making it a win-win situation for businesses as well as the customers.


If done correctly, enterprise application development is the best way for businesses to understand the real potential of mobile technology. These applications are gaining widespread popularity throughout the world as they not only improve the organizational capabilities but also help in boosting the individual performance of the employees.

Businesses looking for such apps can look for a top enterprise application platform or hire an mobile app development company to get themselves a mobile app which perfectly suits their requirements. If you are still confused about whether or not you need an enterprise application for your business, try to understand how the above-mentioned reasons can benefit your business and you are sure to understand their importance.