Assess the Opponent , Try to become a successful Batsman in the game of Life

Hi Friends, In the game of life, We have to learn to bat properly. We can compare the game of life with “Cricket”. The game of cricket, any of the good Batsman or Bowler should assess the stadium, He should assess the pitch, He should assess the strength, weaknesses, Opportunity, or Threats of the opposing team or players. These are called SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis means, Know about our strength, Know about our weakness, What are the opportunities to hit?, What are the major threats of expert legs spinner while he is bowling?. 
Every good batsman will first go to assess the situation to get everything cleared. Once the assessment is there, First he gets adapted as if it is home ground. In the home ground, The batsman can bat well against the opponent bowler. But if it is not home ground it is not as easy. If the terrain is different, If the country is different, If the people who are cheering is different. There is a great need for assessment.
We all are playing a game of life. We should assess our opponent first, Till the time we do not know opponents strength and weaknesses and our strength and weakness there is a problem. In the game of life, We should truly assess who is our opponent. One thing we should always remember that in the game of life, We are playing a cricket match against an entity called “Mind”. In this Planet Earth, no one can stops from you accomplishing and achieving what you want. If you can bat against Yorkers of our mind bowls on you.