Amazon Wants To Make It Way Easier To Buy Things
Megan Reynolds

I don’t know. I feel like a lot of these “solutions” are to problems that have been dreamt up by corporations and that we’ve been convinced are somehow real. Is it really that inconvenient to wait in line to buy a cookie? I think Whole Foods has done a good job of making the process of getting through their lines pretty painless, anyhow.

I know I’m going to sound old and cranky, but I have trouble seeing the other side of all this. Beyond the automation coming at the expense of actual people’s jobs (which is fine; you can’t fight it and we all have to keep up), I just don’t get what is is that people need all their time freed up for. So we don’t have to grocery shop or run errands or even prepare meals or clean our houses if we don’t want to. What do we do with all that extra time? I know they sell it as allowing us to focus on “what really matters,” but to me it sounds like it frees white collar wokers up for more work. And TV watching. Oh and being smug about how we’ve streamlined our lives, I guess.

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