“Don’t Send Coats”: How Cash Aid is Transforming Humanitarian Response
Meghan Nesmith

This is such an interesting interview, and represents an area I’d like to see more of on this site (personal finance in a broader vs. literal sense).

That said, I would have liked to see some explanation for the photo, or at least a better caption than “Alexa in South Sudan.” As it is, it sort of undermines the sophistication of the piece, because it invokes those generic images that are all over the web of white people “helping” Africans and people in the developing world. Who are the other, unnamed people in the photo? What are they all discussing? Is it connected to cash aid? Are people explaining their needs to her? Or how they use the assistance?

It’s like the article took two steps forward in terms of making this great point about giving people agency and recognizing that recipients of cash aid know what’s best for their own cirumstances, and the photo/caption took two steps back in terms of positioning those people as generic types who don’t even deserve to be named.

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