America First? Seriously people? How about Earth first, Humans first

When the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred, the average American could not understand why anyone could feel so much hatred towards Americans. Au contraire, everyone not living in the USA, with minimal notions of world history, while appalled, understood it crystal clear.

For us, not Americans, 95.5% of the world’s population actually, world history, specifically XX century history, is the history of U.S. world exploitation and bullying, or like some call it, US Imperialism. You probably think it´s a good kind of imperialism though. You don’t go and conquer other countries and enslave their people. Oh no, you Americans are an example to the world, you’re the land of the free and the home of the brave. Your interventions in other countries affairs, are solely for the purpose of having mutually beneficial exchanges. Or that’s what you tell yourselves. But you see, us here, the other 95.5% of the world, we just don’t see it like that. Ask Filipinos, Iraqis, Mexicans, Chileans, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and pretty much anyone you want. For example, pick a Mexican History book and what you guys call the “Mexican-American War” that you so bravely won, we Mexicans call it what it really was, “The US invasion of Mexico”, an invasion of a sovereign nation and the robbery of half of its territory. Yes, you had military superiority. We were pretty disorganized. You took advantage because you could. And no, we don´t want that territory back. We have won it back somehow anyway, and we have managed to survive, here and there, doing whatever we can, in a very unfair game for the majorities. And today more than 34 million Mexicans live in the USA, 10% of the country, some legally and some illegally. But if they have managed to get there, and work for years and years with Americans profiting from that, their basic human rights shouldn’t be denied. I wonder how many Mexicans have worked in Mr. Trump’s businesses.

It’s not fair to people who have migrated legally to let the illegals get away with it, you say. But just dare compare the situations of any random person in each one of those two groups. The poor Australian student who had to complete so much paperwork to go to Harvard vs the starving migrant worker who has risked his life crossing to the US “illegally”. A man who has worked in conditions no American would have ever accepted, and who has formed a family in US soil, because he is a human being, just like everyone else, and just wants to pursue happiness like any legal American.

The leadership Americans have now allowed to take over their country is not only shameful but criminal. Legal does not mean fair, or even good. Legal just means according to law and laws can be twisted and evil. People living illegally in the U.S. have the same basic human rights as anyone else, and that includes the absolute unquestionable respect to the sacredness of the family institution. The one pillar that sustains society. The fact that the American government thinks it’s ok to separate children from their families, and deport their “illegal” parents is a crime against humanity. It also says a lot about the value given to the family institution. No wonder the US has so many broken families, so many depressed people and so many drug addicts to both legal and illegal drugs.

We the 95.5% of the world will not let Americans get away with this. American hypocrites, who profit from technically slave labor from all over the world, and now have elected a so called president who dares whine about how unfair this is. As if the US hadn’t exploited the world enough.

My dear fellow Americans, the world is not going to let you get away with destroying families, using people for you own benefit and then dumping them like they’re waste, exploiting poor country’s resources and people, so you can buy cheap stuff at the Walmart. US modern history is a history of exploitation, and world predation. You have mostly caused climate change and the sociopath you put in command now denies it even exists. You caused the humanitarian crisis that expelled 4 million people from Syria, because whether you want to learn it or not, all this crisis in the Middle East wouldn’t exist if you hadn’t had the idiotic idea of invading Iraq in 2003. The US has only accepted 10,000 Syrian refugees, when it has the moral responsibility to accept if not all, at least a minimally directly proportional amount to its responsibility in promoting the worst humanitarian tragedy of all times.

The US has been a bully to the world, and we have let it get away with it, perhaps because we all have felt like somehow, someday, we could also become part of the American dream. We might one day have a chance to live in the land of the free. The acceptance of migrants, legal and illegal ones, into American society has been the only reason the US has gotten away with hurting this world so much.

But now that it wants to close its doors, it’s time we place the US on the dock it deserves. It’s time we stop sending the best people we have because they’re not even valued. It’s time we start thriving with what we have and start fighting our corrupt governments and yours too. We have the tools to do it now. If you’re one of those American who think we send you our criminals and terrorists, let me tell you what we are sending you. We are sending you drugs, lots of them. Why? Because you are consuming them. How do we get away with this? Your corrupt authorities sell Mexicans weapons so the drug cartels can operate without anyone’s interference. They have more power than our military. The government can’t stop them. And how do drugs cross the border? With the help of your authorities. You think a stupid wall that’s going to cost you billions will stop that? Please google how Chapo Guzman escaped a maximum security prison. You may stop Mexicans from crossing to pick up your oranges and babysitting your kids, but you will never stop the drugs from crossing as long as you are willing to consume them. Your demand for drugs has cost us Mexicans hundreds of thousands of human lives. And we are not banning you from coming here because of that. If anyone should be outraged and not wanting anything to do with American people, is us.

The sociopathic narcissist you Americans have chosen for leader is not to blame. Trump has only made America, the real America, not the Hollywood movie America, visible to the world. We are seeing you now, no matter how hard liberals are trying to cover it all up and apologize. So please, next time angry terrorists kill American people, don’t ask, “but why do they hate us so much? Just grab a history book, not written by an American, or talk to anyone outside your bubble and you’ll understand.

It’s funny how you’ve criticized, exploited and despised banana republics in the past decades while becoming one yourselves. Just so you now, down here we’re sort of optimistic. The US downfall may finally be what gets us to thrive. For more than two hundred years now we have lived under the US shadow and it’s time to say enough is enough.

I hope we receive Americans well, when they start migrating south.

Also, in case you didn’t know, Mexico is America too. You see, all the way from Mexico through Argentina, we consider America a continent. So you are actually united statians to us. We are all American; Mexican-American, Peruvian-American, Brazilian-American, etc. You are more than welcome to join our community or globalized citizens who care for the wellbeing of all creatures on Earth.

Please, stop saying America first, and start saying Earth first, humans first.

And if you say America first, at least know that America stretches from the Arctic Ocean all the way down to Patagonia, in Argentina. And we are watching you. The whole world is.