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According to Johns Hopkins, over 135,000 Americans have succumbed to the deadly outbreak of COVID-19. Meanwhile, over 2.5 million are still infected, with thousands of new cases reported daily in California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, South Carolina, Utah, and Georgia.

Alongside these skyrocketing numbers, are tell-tale signs that Americans are getting sick — finally — of the chaotic sideshow that is Donald J. Trump.
Any other President would be wielding the full force of Presidential authority, working in conjunction with our allies abroad, to contain the virus and curtail the pandemic. To any other President, re-election could wait. …

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Donald Trump and the Confederate Flag

It is time for the President of the United States to renounce the Confederate flag.

Just as monuments and statues of Confederate soldiers have been, and are continuing to be, pulled down, the time in our national history has come to accept the abomination these symbols represent. The bargaining stage of our national grieving over our sins must be laid to rest, and the confederate flag must drape the coffin as we lower it into the ground.

The Confederate flag is the banner that was raised to destroy our Union. It is the…

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“Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.” The haunting lyrics of “Me and Bobby McGee,” made famous by Janis Joplin, defined the aspirational attitude of a young generation of Baby Boomers optimistically looking to change the world.

Curiously, those same words also defined that generation’s destructive attitude toward angrily undermining the American institutions and social contract that made their lives of privilege possible.

Recent protests demanding the opening of society in the midst of a global coronavirus pandemic are the most recent risky antisocial behavior being exhibited by an increasingly self-destructive segment of our society: aging whites…

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Recent polling shows that white evangelical Christians are the latest Republican constituency giving up on Trump.

One of the most mystifying characteristics of the Donald Trump era has been his remarkable resiliency with his own Republican base. It’s as though his infamous quip that he could ‘stand on 5th avenue and shoot someone and still not lose support’ wasn’t metaphorical.

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But a global pandemic, the loss of tens of thousands of human lives and the unprecedented destruction of the US economy may actually be sufficient to have finally broken even…

The Lincoln Project Effect

Trump Republicans are in deep trouble in Arizona. The President continues to be a drag on the national brand and an anchor on the GOP’s prospects of holding the White House, Senate and recapturing the House. Moreover, Republicans tying themselves to Trump are sinking faster than the President. A recently released poll in Arizona shows what’s happening and why it changes the electoral college roadmap.

It’s important to know that two days prior to the poll being conducted, The Lincoln Project, a Republican organization created to defeat Trump, began airing ads targeting McSally. …

In the 1984 campaign, Republican President Ronald Reagan successfully framed the campaign as a referendum on his first four years. In an iconic political spot known as the “Morning in America” ad, Reagan positively drew a metaphor as a new American awakening with a nation’s revitalized sense of pride, confidence and economic energy.

In early 2020, Republican President Trump believed he could run on the same playbook to an equally historic victory. But, through a series of incompetent decisions, Trump finds the country in a starkly different set of circumstances. …

We stand at the precipice of a significant tectonic shift in our political system.

Similar to the profound disruptions the newspaper, music and transportation industries underwent some years ago, our democratic system, which is designed to be a lagging social indicator, is struggling to find a working model for a more complex age.

The speedy rise of populism in both parties marks the end of bilateral political discourse. The two-party system is no longer equipped to address the complexity of our social, economic and political institutions.

There is a very real possibility that in 2020, for the first time in…

As I wrote in these pages not long ago, I recently helped launch the Lincoln Project, joining a national group of Republicans and former Republicans who are concerned about the future of conservatism under President Trump.

Our mission is simple: To defeat Trump in 2020 and his biggest supporters in Congress so that conservative principles might return again to the center of the Republican Party.

We’ve received many responses. The majority are from Republicans rightfully questioning the dilemma facing conservatives: While we acknowledge the deep moral, ideological and personal failings of the president, how can we possibly not support a…

The president of the United States is a threat to the republic. We are at a moment in our history when the norms of political discourse and the protections established at our founding are being undermined, by both the nation’s executive and a Republican Party more consumed with loyalty to a personality than the country and the Constitution.

I don’t offer this lightly. I have spent my entire adult life working for the Republican Party and the conservative movement. I served the California Republican Party as its statewide political director. I served as the press secretary to the former California…

Mike Madrid

Sacramento GOP political consultant; Latino voting trends/analysis. Partner at GrassrootsLab. #Georgetown @theAAPC Board Member. Co-Founder The Lincoln Project.

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