Today’s Footprint is Tomorrow’s Legacy
Yazmin Chimanlal

I can hardly fault this blog post!! Great title, and image, it’s catchy and leaves a reader curious and interested as to what your blog post entails. I think the use of the analogy to explain what a Digital Footprint is was great, this engages a reader and is a stronger form of an explanation. I also think your use of images is wonderful, (something I definitely need to utilise within my blog more). The colloquial and laid-back feel of your blog is a great touch and is the key to the quintessential blog. I am glad I was assigned to critique your blog post as it has given me some tips and advice to make sure my blog is the best it can be. If I had to give advice on anything in regards to improving this blog post, (which is quite hard as your blog is already of high standard!), possibly adding an article or a direct example about the negative consequences of being careless online in regards to your Digital Footprint would reinforce your argument about how significant it is to be mindful of your Digital Footprint. For instance, here is a news article I found about a Primary School Principal particpating in racist behaviour online. 
Excellent job, Yasmin!

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