Samsung Note 8

Everything you need to know about the Note 8.


Apart from being slightly bigger than my preferred smartphone size, I really like the design of the Note 8. It has a minimalism to it, which I’m very fond of. However, the placement of the fingerprint scanner is somewhat unconventional compared to that of the Pixel and the new LG V30. Also, I have never grown to like these huge phone sizes, which have become the standard of modern smartphones. Therefore, I definitely prefer the design of the Galaxy S8. Speaking of the S8, it has a similar metal construction with glass on both the front and the back. This makes for a premium feel in the hand, but also a seemingly fragile piece of hardware.


The Note 8 is undoubtedly one of the most powerful phones on the market right now. It features the Snapdragon 835 made by Qualcomm, which is their latest and greatest, hence why the user experience will be very fluid and snappy. Furthermore, it comes with 6GB RAM. Therefore, performance shouldn’t be a concern for anyone considering buying this phone. The Note 8 will most likely not have the greatest battery life due to a somewhat conservative battery size combined with a very big display. Overall, the performance should be among the best everything taken into account.


The Note 8 features a nearly bezel-less 6.3” QHD AMOLED display with the same 18.5:9 aspect ratio as the Galaxy S8. Its display is probably the best in any smartphone on the market right now. The sheer size makes it perfect for media consumption such as watching movies or series, playing games, or reading articles and books. The display is undoubtedly the most impressive part of this phone even though there are plenty impressive aspects worthy of mentioning.


In terms of software, the Note 8 comes with Android 7 out the box, which is ok, but hopefully, it will get an update for Android 8 sometime this fall. The software experience on Samsung devices isn’t the most modern and minimal, however it provides some extra functionalities, which makes it appealing, especially to power users.


The camera seems to be right up there with the best on the market. It has a large f1.7 aperture, which should enable even better low light shooting compared to previous Note smartphones. Samsung smartphone cameras are known for producing heavily sharpened and saturated photos, however, that isn’t necessarily bad. For consumers who like that look will love the camera of the Note 8.


In terms of standout features, what makes the Note series different from its competitors is the inclusion of a stylus. It provides a totally different layer of interaction with your smartphone. It allows for greater precision and extra functionalities. Simple things like creating a quick note or adjusting the size of a screenshot become slightly quicker and definitely more precise.


In closing, I would like to address the fact that Samsung has made a solid, but definitely not groundbreaking comeback from the Note 7 last year. In my opinion, the Note 8 is a great phone, which I would gladly use as my daily smartphone, had it not had such a big footprint. Therefore, it is a phone that I would definitely recommend to power users who don’t just prefer big phones, but also wants the extra functionalities, which make the Note series stand out.

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