Why we should all be building with our friends.

Society has been drilling into our heads this idea that our dreams are a one-way road to success. To survive capitalism, we have to shove people out of the way, burn bridges left and right, get tons of followers, build something out of literally nothing, and stay up at night anxious, alone, and in complete and utter shambles. Well, fuck that.

I decided a long time ago, that’s not how I want to live. Of course, I want to x10 my income and achieve a 6-figure business, have a house on the beach, work 10 hours a week, and live my best life. And maybe I’ll end up doing that. But that’s not the end goal for me.

The goal is and has always been, to make this world better. To build with the people around me – have a vision, see their vision, share a vision, believe in it, ideate, and create. Together.

My friends and I did this in 2015. We built a community, a radical loving family of acceptance, and a punk rock doandbewhoeverthefuck you want mentality. We rallied a bunch of dope women and nonbinary folks with radiant voices and electric guitars. Imagine someone put a mic in your hand and said, “SING WHATEVER YOU WANT BECAUSE WHO CARES & YOU’RE THE SHIT.” What would you sing?

We were simultaneously gentle and loud, compassionate and cacophonous. Unapologetic and at the same time, we were healing. It was support. It was art. It was radical acceptance. It was love. It was fucking beautiful. And the best part was, it wasn’t about the money.

Every single one of my friends has a soul filled with ideas and purpose and I see it daily. Some are hilarious, some spiritual, deeply intellectual, practical, mindful, soft-spoken, obnoxious. And being the creators and light beings that we are, we all have a collective vision but it requires some cognitive reflection of self and deliberate defiance of an oppressive system to fully see that it’s possible and be in alignment with it.

How else can we actively overcome this competitive capitalistic curse that was bestowed upon us at birth. How else can we show up for each other putting ego and pride aside? Throw it back to your childhood when toxic patriarchy started infiltrating itself into you via fear and insecurity when you were told to man up or that you’re not enough. When your skin was wrong and less than. When your uterus made you weak, incapable of leading, and an object on display. Generational curses must end here. This moment. Ahora. Not half-assed. But for real.

I know what you’re thinking. It all feels too utopian and out of reach, and to some degree, it might be. I’ve been ruminating though…

We all want the same things, right? To live freely, love freely, to be whatever gender/sex/race/culture and express our deepest desires and live out our purpose in life every day for the duration of this lifetime.

How can we build a future for us if we don’t envision it first, together, and believe it’s possible?

No one gets anywhere alone, and that’s fact. I’m tired of the narrative of toxic individualism that we consume daily. is it just me or…?

It’s like the more we try to chase this idea that pop culture media sells us about those who started from the bottom and now they’re here …all rich, sad, and alone with their 1M followers and world tours, frequent TED TALKS, and fortune 500 companies. There is nothing interesting to me about doing life for the sake of making it to the top. Maybe you disagree. If so, I bet you’re lonely.

I want my friends to thrive as much as I want to thrive. I want to see liberation for Black and brown people, queer and trans people. I want people around me to live and love their lives. Don’t you? Yes, yes, yes. So why not? Let’s do it with love. ‘But they got cancelled, and that person sucks, and I hate them too.’ Well, people are in pain because of this toxic individualism, capitalistic system we’re trying to unravel and re-design, are they not?

I remind myself everyone has a wounded inner child and it reminds me of my own. We are HEALING. We are just trying to survive first, and how can we thrive? It’s not numerical. It’s not purely quantitative, statistical, or analytical. Yes, we need money, but it’s not ABOUT your bank account.

We need to extend our arms out to each other and make this vision a collective one. Otherwise, we are all in the trenches of capitalism until we are on the top of the ivory tower, and in both places we are miserable.

So move from a place of love and support your people. We are a global unified force of power and collective strength, so instead of trampling over your brothers and sisters on your way up, why not bring everyone with you? Let’s move and build together, my friends.



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