Esplanade- Theatres on the Bay

Singapore is among the best places to visit and live in the world. The rapid economic development and ease of doing business attract many business owners and professionals to Singapore. The government of Singapore has ensured that obtaining a visa is easy and fast for professionals. Many visitors end up relocating and living in the country. The city-state is also a leading tourist destination in Southern Asia with many tourist attraction sites. Among the leading places of interest in Singapore is the Esplanade- Theatre on the Bay. A trip to Singapore is not complete without visiting The Esplanade. The center for performing arts is also referred to as The Esplanade or Esplanade Theatre.

The Theatre was designed by Michael Wilford and Partners together with DP Architects. The construction started 1992 and ended in 2002. The Theatre occupies about 60, 000 square meters in Marina Bay. The arts center consists of a concert hall, a theatre, public library, and studios. The concert hall can sit close to 2,000 people and has the best acoustics. Very few halls in the world meet the acoustic standards of this concert hall. The concert hall serves as a venue for recitals and concerts. The theatre in the Esplanade is designed in the shape of a horseshoe. It can hold about 2,000 people as well. The recital and theatre studios can hold more than 200 people each. The studios are reserved for individuals who want to enjoy intimate performances. The Esplanade is the home of the first public library in Singapore that is dedicated to performing arts.

In addition to the theatric performances and the library, visitors to Singapore are attracted to The Esplanade’s architectural design. The locals refer to the art center as “The Big Durians” because of its architectural design, which resembles a durian. The Esplanade hosts a series of festivals and talks every year. The concerts, recitals, festivals, and performances at the studios and concert hall offer great entertainment to locals and foreigners. However, visitors can enjoy many fun outdoor activities at the center including shopping at the Esplanade Mall. The outdoor space hosts fun activities for the whole family. The first step to enjoying the performances and activities at the Esplanade is obtaining a visa. The state-of-the-art equipment at the Esplanade attracts many locals and tourists. Visitors to the art center need to purchase tickets in advance to enjoy live performances.

Visitors can enjoy guided tours and walk around the Esplanade. The Theatre has two drop-off and pick-ups points and enough parking slots for personal vehicles. The art center is an excellent place for visitors to sample local cuisines as well. Some of the best places to eat at the center include Grand Pavilion Restaurant, Harry’s, Books & Cranny, and Haagen-Dazs among others. The restaurants serve local and international dishes. Ticket holders enjoy discounts at the mall and restaurants at the Esplanade. The center is a great learning resource for teachers and students. The facilities and performances at the center are good educational resources, particularly for art students. Visiting Esplanade-Theatre gives foreigners a taste of Singapore’s beauty, culture, and hospitality.

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