the only guy in the world; who wears his soul on the top of his head

Please, just to start somewhere

Alex Jones is just begging to be fucked harder, than a hemorrhoid sticks to a Texan ass after 10 hours straight in direct Sun! I mean, do the man sincerely think that a narcissist, Trump, is gonna save his country?!?! I mean, think about it: Trump has all the hallmarks of a true psychopath!

  • He is a narcissist only caring for his own mood and beliefs.
  • He takes, doesn’t feel any remorse,
  • Lies with a straight face.
  • Thinks he is the best at everything and can get away with it
  • Bullies all the time, most likely because of low self-esteem.

I mean seriously, Alex, You’re gonna end up like that creepy tv host from “V For Vendetta”! Sitting there; screaming for the new world order to get a nice paycheck and free pussy. I’ve seen it! I see lots of things.

Yes, Hillary is also a lying politician. They all are! They’re freaks only caring for themselves, but the hard and cold truth is, that we allow them to. It’s the system which is flawed. Like all systems. The problem is just that this one, the neo-liberalistic capitalistic ego tripping one. It only benefits those in power. And when they sink, their friends come pick them up, while the rest of us crashes down into the deep. We don’t get saved. That’s not how it works. The system has been set up so YOU can FUCK either Mexican or black! But it really doesn’t matter! A piece of pussy can promise many things if it needs to stay in control of things!

So how do we stop it, well. Stop listening to them. Here in Denmark im gonna create a party where every voter has a count! That’s right. They just log on with their personal id on a website(in DK we use something unique called nemID),then they vote when the party needs to vote in the congress. And the ones with the biggest vote, obviously gets to decide WHAT to vote in the congress. It’s direct democracy, except, I’ll take it a step further. We will make a piece of paper, legal papers made by a good lawyer, to MAKE SURE THAT IT’S ALWAYS THE BIGGEST VOTE IN THE PARTY THAT GETS TO DECIDE WHAT DECISION TO TAKE WHENEVER. If some sleaze bag should try and sell his ass for money and vote against the citizens (the voters of the party) (in Denmark it’s buttons in the parliament), then the decision gets redrawn because of the law papers. It’s physically impossible to cheat with. Imagine if everybody voted on such a party! Goodbye psychopaths, hello freedom!

Give yourself a vote in the congress

That’s gonna be my catch phrase

Stop thinking like old Neanderthals. We come in all colors, shapes, sizes, religions. We need all people.

Joe might be the dumbest fuck in town. In fact, he might even be so dumb he has to wear different colors of socks on each feet to know different from left or right…

But he can still be the best goddamn auto mechanic the whole freakin town knows(! )

With love