Hope is still the best fuel.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the youngest woman elected to the House of Representatives ever. 
A latin woman, btw. Elected with almost 80% of the votes in the Bronx and Queens. In a electoral district historically marked by high voter abstention, mainly due to the lack of ethical and aesthetic identification between representatives and the people they should represent.
That’s why she didn’t run a campaign, but she created a movement in her own backyard. She built a community and together centered issues that no one wanted to talk about: expanded Medicare-for-All, a Federal Jobs Guarantee, tuition-free college and criminal justice reform.

Alexandria show to the whole world that being outsider, in politcs, doesn’t mean being a rich one, an establishment representant one, a Wall Street slave one. She teach us that we can elect people without any lobbyist money, fake news and hate speech. We can run a REAL grassroots movement with a 100% volunteer led, no-corporate money and issues that matter to YOUR community.

People are sicked of establishment and political parties that doesn’t listen them, their needs. They just demand unconditionally support and non-critical votes. They just want to be elected anyway.
That’s why, now and then, people believes when crazy-lying guys give them a false speech, a dangerous message with easy promises. Because it’s good to believe in something when everyone is not offering anything to you. Not even hope. Actually, especially HOPE.

But Ocasio-Cortez reminded them, and she reminded us too, how important a grassroots campaign can be, especially in gloomy times like now. How amazing it can be to listen to people not only to offer an easy speech to them, but to know their demands, opinions, feelings and experiences about everything around them. It’s not just to talk about the hope that better days will come, but how all of this will be built WITH and BY them, not FOR them.
Alexandria reminded us all that, in the political race, hope is still the best fuel, and a renewable one.

Because yes, we still can do BETTER. 😉