I sure have.
Yvonne C. Claes

You mean the video that shows Sanders supporters preventing speakers from talking — whether it be Clinton supporter like Barbara Boxer or “one of their own”? Yeah, that certainly makes it clear that there is a problem in the Democratic Party — but it’s NOT with “the establishment.”

You do realize that:

  1. the process followed rules — with respect to recognizing delegates — that were established back in 2012
  2. the results were confirmed by a committee that consisted of five Clinton supporters and five Sanders supporters — including a Sanders co-chair
  3. at the end of the day Clinton was awarded 20 out of 35 delegates (to Sanders 15). Given that she won the original caucus by 53% to 47% that’s not entirely unreasonable (while 18.5 to 16.5 would have been more “correct”).

Those are all facts you can look up.

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