There’s an actress on TV wearing an outfit that you must have. How do you find it? If you know some details, you could toss a word salad into Google and hope that someone has blogged about it. A search like “Blake Lively blue dress Cannes” is popular enough to work, but “That cute blue jacket that Sue wore on The Great British Bake Off” is a nonstarter. You need visual search — the ability to search for content in visual media. …

Data Science is having its ‘day’ in the sun. This strange stew of computer science, algorithmic skills, hacking abilities, statistical inferencing, probabilistic modeling and scientific enquiry which started off as a rebranding of statistical work became a bona-fide job title only in 2008. Yet, it is now the ‘sexiest job of the 21st century’. Amidst all the hoopla there is a lot of confusion on what constitutes a data scientist. However tempting it may be to try and define a high-priesthood of data science, the fuzziness comes from the fact that different businesses require and therefore rightly organize themselves around…

Wednesday was a big day for AI-related news. No fewer than five high-profile announcements from major companies. A lot to sort through, but gives an interesting snapshot of where things are and where they may be going. Strong evidence that AI in its current form of deep learning is maturing from lab experiments into an industry.

Element AI announced that it has raised $102M to develop an incubator for AI-related startups that will provide access to infrastructure and a critical mass necessary to build businesses — something that small groups of engineers might not otherwise have. They hope to support…

It’s time to take a more balanced view of how artificial intelligence can impact us and vice versa.

Red hot furnaces blaze.

Natty men sporting suspenders, spectacles and pipes puff out their cheeks and blow into a long hollow rod with a molten blob on one end. Soon, an amorphous, limpid shape pushes its way into existence. That nebulous shape will in, a few minutes, be moulded into a dainty wine glass or a solid glass jar.

In his cheerful, Bebop-y Oscar-winning documentary ‘Glas’ shot in 1959, Dutch film director Bert Haanstra compares this fascinating affair with the mechanical wizardry…

What’s the real deal with creating intelligence? Sneak a peek into the AI tech talk at the IndiaHacks Conference 2016 where our CTO and founder, Anand Chandrasekaran, explores the road to generalized intelligence a.k.a Strong AI — a technological leap that will completely change our lives.

Intelligence is hard to slot into a pigeonhole.

But we all agree on the basics. Self-awareness. Learning from the environment. Reasoning. Making decisions based on a situation. Problem-solving. Identifying patterns. Creativity.

And we draw these inferences about what intelligence means from a common point of reference: ourselves. …

In fashion eCommerce, there’s no One Metric to rule them all.

Modcloth co-founder Eric Koger in an interview with The New York Times said,

“When I think about fashion, I think about numbers.”

Creative direction is crucial when you’re working in a field that’s as visual and subjective as fashion. But the other side of the coin is running a business which needs a ton of number crunching.

So data and metrics are a part of the package when you want to sell beautiful things online. …

If you’re in Bangalore this Saturday (19th March), it’s a great time to hear our Co-founder and CTO Anand Chandrasekaran talk about Artifical Intelligence on the tech panel of HackerEarth’s IndiaHacks conference.

Anand is a Neuroscientist-turned-Neuromorphic engineer. He did his Ph.D in computational neuroscience where he studied how sensory maps are developed in brains, and then went on to do his postdoctoral research at Stanford in neuromorphic engineering, where he was building custom silicon to emulate parts of the brain.

Now, he’s an entrepreneur who’s working to bring AI out of the research labs into everyday life with Mad Street…

Exploring the enormous business impact of color choices on eCommerce businesses.

Buttercup. Iced Coffee. Limpet Shell. Fiesta. Peach Echo.

These aren’t just random phrases. They’re colors. Specifically, they’re five of the ten colors that made it into the Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2016.

If you take only a cursory look at the report, you can be forgiven for thinking that Pantone documented design collections and asked influencers for their opinions at New York Fashion Week to settle on the color trends for the next season.

But in reality, these colors were chosen two years ago in a boardroom.


Everyone who comes to your store is on a tiny adventure.

A herculean quest to complete the 12 Labors of the Shopping List, perhaps. Or a foray into unknown territory, where they’re hoping to find a piece of an Eat Me cake or a stoppered Drink Me potion to help them find what they want like Alice. And you’re the designated guide through that uncertain journey.

Chances are, you already have most of the tools you need for the job. So what can visual tech add to your repertoire of product discovery aids?

Making the Ubiquitous Search Box ‘See’

The little search box at the top…

Have you tried talking to anyone about Artificial Intelligence? Those words instantly conjure up images of killer robots, Jarvis and superhero movies for most people.

Artificial Intelligence has gone through several decades of ups and downs. Investors and founders have gained and lost billions through these cycles, while tech leaders like Andrew Ng, Yann LeCun, Geoffrey Hinton and a long history of neuroscientists from Hubel and Weisel, to Sejnowski and Olshausen continued to push the boundaries on brain research, Neuromorphic Engineering, Robotics and Machine Learning, breaking new grounds, cycle after cycle.


Much of the technology industry waited for a big…

Mad Street Den

Computer Vision | Artificial Intelligence

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