How my time with Freeformers has changed my outlook on the future of the world’s economy

I am a 15 year old student from Derbyshire, who has come to Freeformers to experience the world of tech and spend time behind the scenes with the people working hard to spread the word that the world is entering a 4th industrial revolution whilst helping protect your job and your business…

During my time with Freeformers my eyes have been opened. I am no longer caged into the walls of the classroom with a pen and workbook, instead I’m in the bustling city of London surrounded by advanced technology and the digital universe. It is evident that my generation are going to be living and working in a completely different world to one many of us have been brought up in. People will have to become more flexible and be able to react to changes in their environments in order to stay in the working world. Businesses will have to modernise otherwise they will soon become too unprofitable and fall into a sea of automation and unemployment. Freeformers enables companies to do this and is trying to maintain and prepare our economy before automation flies out of our control.

It’s a provocative idea that when I am applying for a job, my generation may no longer be selected on our grades or knowledge, but on our ability to problem solve, ask questions to find answers, our confidence and emotional capabilities. As why would a future lawyer need to know every law statement when a robot or machine could remember that for them? Sift through the many files that would take weeks when a machine could find and store the information required in hours? Likely retrieving more accurate and relevant information within a far smaller time scale than would ever be possible for the human brain.

Automation will put many jobs at risk and eventually any job - including yours. It’s no longer a matter of if but when. As it turns out human traits such as creativity may not be as unique and magical as you think they are. Creativity is replicable and new bots have the ability to paint, write music and write newspaper articles quicker than the majority of us. We are being outrun by our own inventions. Recognition of this concept seems to be key and being able to make your company more efficient using the vast technological resources that surround us will put you in higher stands for the future and give you a fighting chance to compete in a race for our economy that could soon be lost.

It’s not just the world of business that needs to change either, so does Education. Still stuck in the past, eternally expanding the void between school life and the evolving nature of Business, already puts pupils at a disadvantage. Western Society needs to educate it’s youth to the needs of the economy. School systems must change. Computing has already become part of the national curriculum but more substantial measures need to be taken if schools want to create employable employees. At most schools the curriculum is taught is a generic way, not personalised to the specific needs and capabilities of the individual. Leaving students believe they are useless and shattering their self confidence. An education system which can embrace and expand creativity rather than teach in a monotonous way would be a fruitful first step to providing a country of employable citizens. Why teach us to regurgitate pages of information when soon Autos will be doing that for us more accurately and efficiently? What we will need to know is how to use this information to our advantage to find solutions and experiment with it. Information is storable, flexibility is not.

I have taken a lot away with me from my time here. As mentioned in the title, my outlook on the future of work has broadly advanced, and made me realise how I need to incorporate the ability to be able to use tech and computers to their full potential into my life, if I want to be a few steps ahead of my peers. A greater awareness of the risk of automation is also needed within schools, and I will do my best to strengthen it when I return to mine. The most important message I have cultivated is that having an open mind is vital. In a world that’s changing so expeditiously, an open mind is the best weapon you can have under your belt. It enables you to experiment with new opportunities and make the most of them, it stops you from turning a blind eye to the society we’re living in and most importantly it means you will always give something a go even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone, enabling you to conform to, and thrive in any situation you may find yourself in.