A Midnight Regret

She was waiting in her rented room, sitting in front of her laptop with her earphones on while chewing a sour candy strip. She’s binged-watching Orange is the New Black in full-volume as she’s waiting to fall asleep. She always does that whenever she’s trying to sleep but can’t. Seeing Piper Chapman in her cracking lines makes her feel solace, she said. The lights were off and she was on her blanket. That night she was feeling confused and anxious, her charm wasn’t like her the night before. She’s someone vibrant, never been off; and her smile doesn’t only come from her lips but also her almond-curved eyes, but not tonight — she’s been very distracted by whatever she had on her plates.

The room suddenly felt like it shrinks as someone knocked on her room. The bang was loud enough — she could hear it over her earphones. She didn’t expect someone to come visit her that late. Moreover, not many people know where she lives while she’s in town. She kept a low profile because she didn’t want to cause so much sound of her own. All she wanted was her ambition to soars like the reason why she came to that town after all. She wanted to start fresh, begin a new life far from where she was without having people knowing who she was and what trouble she had caused beforehand.

That door still left unanswered.

Maybe it’s Noah. Or maybe it’s Richard. Or whoever she met at Gollum’s Bar last week and spent the night at her room.

Her room in the middle of night lights

She lives in an environment where night is louder and lights are brighter. She wanted to camouflage, secluding herself from the noise — turned out the beat and bling were more like a party invitation for her, attracted her every night.

But that night was different.

“Thank you for opening the door.”

It was Noah.

Glad she was in her mood to walk a little to the front door of the room to find out it was Noah, the guy she hooked up with last week.

“What do you want?”

She said…

…and she knew it was wrong to answer the door. It always feels wrong to open a door to anyone — she was traumatized by her past. She couldn’t help but stare at Noah and so did he at her. She couldn’t stand him. He still had his charm. Noah has a solid jawline with a fine blonde mustache unlike any other blonde guy. His gaze was tender but she could find a new underworld in his eyes. She suddenly remembered the taste of liquor she sipped from his lips and his tickles under her skirt. She couldn’t stand the tempt anymore.

That night she made that mistakes again.

She and Noah

All pictures credited to Pinterest

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