Why NaNoWriMo Is Not For Me.
Josh Spilker

I won’t disagree about November being a weird month to choose, but I think you’ve kind of missed the point of the nanowrimo. It isn’t about putting 1000 “good” words down every day. It’s about putting down “any” words.

The problem most people who want to write a novel have (I don’t mean professionals such as yourself, I mean just people in general who’ve always wanted to write a novel) is that they tend to self edit as they go along, and so a whole day’s worth of work goes into trying to craft a perfect paragraph or a perfect sentence or even to find a perfect word. What Nanowrimo advocates is just throw out any word there and move on. Just spew out as many words as you can.

You might think that sounds ridiculous (that’s not how writers write! You might think) but the first time I did nanowrimo (way back in 2005) just getting to the 50,000 word count gave me an incredible boost in confidence. I’d struggled for years to try to write something and had 3 pages here, a dozen pages there, 20 pages for a story I couldn’t figure out where it was going over there.

Just finishing that massive (to me) amount of words, even though it wasn’t good, made me feel like I’d done something. And as you pointed out, most of the work is actually in editing, but how can I edit until I have something on paper worth editing?

Anyway, I just thought I’d throw my .02 in so you might see Nanowrimo from a different perspective.