The Holy Trinity of Love — by Category

Everyone needs a mildly obsessive sort of love. I’m not talking Mark Wahlberg in Fear obsessive, just mildly obsessive. Which I know sounds like an oxymoron, but mildly obsessive is like the non-violent, less psychotic cousin in the Obsessive Family. And I don’t mean forever. Everyone needs to experience a mildly obsessive sort of love like a rite of passage. Like going to prom or walking for graduation or getting your period in public when you weren’t prepared.

A wild, obsessive, all consuming, maybe not entirely healthy love. I don’t know that you’ve had yours yet. Maybe not everyone needs one of those. Maybe it just applies to certain personality types. But I think everyone could benefit from one go in the wild whirlwind. I think you’ve had your “what if/never quite happened” and your “just didn’t work out”. The wild obsessive all consuming sort of completes the trifecta. The Holy Trinity of rite of passage to be met before achieving the organically grown, sustainable sort. Maybe there are even more categories than these. Maybe this is my personal trifecta.