4 Types of Explainer Videos for Startups Commonly Used


In case you have been taking after online videos for quite a while, you may have found various explainers that are promoted or made in a surprising way. That being said, not all explainers are made equal. It’s not just about the product. It’s not just about the message or its tone. It’s also about the production style.

So whether you’ve seen white-screen recordings loaded with texts or animations with friendly characters.
We are going to examine four expansive sorts of explainers.

Animation videos
A lot of startups using animated videos for their business . With entertaining, educating explaining their products and services, animated explainer videos can visually attract the audience. Visuals aside, animated explainer video production are known for being low-cost to make and are popular among startups. There are also many different sub-categories of animated videos like 2d animation, 2.5d animation, 3d animation, and stop motion animation videos

Live action videos
Live action explainer videos include real actors, location, and filming equipment. This live action explainer videos generally non-animated and sometimes expensive. These type of videos are can easily promote companies product and service. With the real actor and actress engaged in live action video and their influence can reach the huge target audience.

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