Feminists and Humans

“Each person can have her/his own version of feminism” When these words struck in my head after listening to an eminent writer the next thought flashed in my head was “then what is my version of feminism?”

Am I a hardcore feminist ? A humanist feminist ? A selective feminist ?

The individuals and then the society have been unfair for each other from the day life began on this earth. Stronger you are the survival is assured. And feminism has something to do with strength. It talks about the inequalities that have been constructed in the social sphere based on biological differences of being a man or a woman.

My next thought is are we grasping feminism by the neck or the tail ? Why people call feminists are man haters ? Bra burners ? Is there a market value for feminism ? Then what is true feminism ?

The concept of feminism has been emerging from many nooks and corners of the globe for decades. And still it is an evolving and debatable concept. But I believe feminist are not man haters. The point feminists are making is that, the ‘respect’ has to be equally hailed for both women and men. At the end of the we all are humans who breath, eat and have sex. How a biological difference can turn one gender superior to the other ?