Behind the Scenes at Trump Camp

episode 6

Campaign Mgr: Mr. Trump, I really need a new title since we won and all.

Trump: Yeah, yeah, but you know I want to keep having those rallies. I just love that adulation, and those numbers. Besides, I have got to keep them fevered up so they don’t notice what happens with my money or my lawsuits.

Campaign Mgr: I get that, Mr. Trump, most of the strong leaders you admire have done that very thing for sure, but it eventually comes down to governing, and I can’t really be called a campaign manager then.

Trump: What do you think I have Pence for? I’ve got to have you working on 2020, Honey. By the way, did you arrange for those inaugural TicTacs with my name on them? Did you, huh? Come on now, tell me…

Campaign Mgr: Mr. Trump, please, I can’t breathe.