Direct Message

In response to a friend’s asking for my opinion on his varying rationales for contemplating voting for Trump, I wrote this message, the style is personal and conversational, not academic:

Sorry to be so long in answering you, it’s pretty crazy with the flooding issues here. The problem with Trump for me is you can’t believe anything he says. The man has never made a contract in his personal, professional or political life he considered binding — no matter what he signed. He has said in his books that it is great business to tell anyone what they need to hear to make the deal. He is doing that now for the policing and financial power of the White House.

You said the folks he has surrounded himself with are notable and will help him along. I beg to differ. He has brought on some mainstream type folks to write his position papers(that he hasn’t bothered to commit to memory), and who don’t seem to have any influence on his mouth at all. The handful of folks that can hold some sway over him are his mob lawyers, literally not figuratively speaking, his kids who are also mob connected, and the likes of Paul Manafort and Steve Bannon, both infamously involved with anti American activities and sentiments. That Putin has endorsed him, as he did Obama, also raises red flags, if you’ll pardon the pun. I am certain Vlad doesn’t have American interests at heart.

As for your seeing him as above cronyism, may I say my research shows that Trump is an insider. His yacht is now sailed by a Saudi prince who helped in one of his bankruptcy bailouts. Soros has been one of his creditors, and is a named coconspirator with Trump in a NY RICO case. Now, the NYT is reporting that he is hundreds of millions of dollars in debt to China. I have written since last September that this man is beholding — to his creditors.

This Donald Trump is not new. I have vetted the man exhaustively, since March of 2015, Trump is the manic narcissist with despotic tendencies you see. He is erratic, crooked, beholding to creditors, dishonest, brutal, uninformed, proud, boastful, despotic, vulgar, base, immoral, utterly unreliable, volatile, and finds the Constitution you cherish irrelevant and boring, to use his own words.

His disregard for the Constitution and a lifetime of manipulating the law and skirting prosecution for doing so has made his strongarm policy positions alarmingly pro centralized government. Call him an oligarch, an autocrat, a buffoon. It matters not, it matters that he must not have access to the power of the White House with his 70 years of established personality impulses. He blithely speaks of shutting down dissenting press even as he currently maintains a blacklist, debases people divergent opinions, and sees himself as the government and in whom all answers lie. Think: nationalized healthcare, planned parenthood, Israel “neutrality”, abandoning Europe and the Middle East to Putin, putting Americans in GITMO, rounding up 11–14 million people, some US citizens, with an Elian Gonzales style deportation force, only to return the “good ones.” And he decides who the good ones are? You can’t make this stuff up. The level of ignorance of world affairs and, yes, global economics he displays is extraordinary. What does the man read? Oh, yeah, he has said that he doesn’t.

As for SCOTUS, his proposals mean as much as any other promise he’s made, particularly in light of his excessive promotion for the Court of his radically pro abortionist sister jurist. She has literally written that geography, where the child happens to be in the actual birth process should not interfere with a woman’s ‘right to choose’, actually writing in a court decision that a child breeching the birth canal can still be killed. Her brother, meanwhile, continues to double down on his “Planned parenthood does wonderful things for women” statement. Besides, isn’t down ballot voting the only real control agent for the Supreme Court?

Yes, both nominees are vile people, but Hillary Clinton is a compromised candidate and infinitely more controllable at this point than is Trump. Don’t believe me, vet him yourself. Though harder now than a year ago, since his people have scrubbed the net, it can still be done. I will not vote for this man in whom I see the history of 1920’s Germany repeating itself. I cannot vote for either. I will vote for one of the other options or write in and, short of divine intervention, pray for an electoral college decision. I humbly beg you to do the same.