Donald Trump is like a Rendering

Something happened in Texas that drove home again just how important executive power in our government can be. A thumbnail sketch of the story that drove my thoughts follows. Rick Perry, former governor of Texas, had bogus charges trumped up against him in an attempt to assail his run for the presidency. The charges for overreach of executive power were filed by a derelict attorney charged with drunk and disorderly and resisting arrest. She filed the charges under the guise that he had denied her office state monies because of her political affiliation. Governor Perry had limited monies to her office in direct correlation to her irresponsibility in that office. She was indicted, found guilty and went to jail. His charges were dismissed.

Now, let us think Donald Trump. Imagine the abuse possible with the policing power of the presidency under the control of a defensive and reactive individual like Trump accustomed to dispensing with annoyances with the ease of a reality show. If the Obama Administration was guilty of sidestepping Constitutional process, disrespecting the separation of powers, and abuse of executive orders, I contend that its executive branch sins will pale in comparison to what Trump will be willing and inclined to do. He has already admitted publicly to not reading or having an interest in the Constitution. At least Obama was knowledgeable enough about it to understand that he would have to soft peddle and maneuver around it to not be bound by it. Donald Trump will be cavalier about doing so, and, as he has proven in his attempts to strongarm the press, will shut down any opposition with the many tools available to him as president of the United States. To hammer out their dissent, his naysayers can expect him to employ an army of bureaucrat brownshirts in the Department of Justice and the IRS, just two of the iron hammers he can get his hands on from the Oval Office.

This run for president has already lifted what was his failing brand back to prominence. The next step will be expanding his real estate empire by abuse of the Bureau of Land Management, the EPA, and his somewhat publicized “love”(his word)for the use of eminent domain for private gain. His children will be running his empire while he sits in the White House, of course. However, does anyone really believe that he will not reward his debt holders and cronies in big banking with favorable regulations and paybacks through the power of the executive branch.

Trump has shown no small penchant for quashing dissent. He routinely bemoans the fact that he can’t actually violently deal with it. He attacks any and all that dare speak against him in what are known as the traditional American arenas of free speech. He touts his admiration for Putin and excuses allegations of Putin’s murderous history; because, there is “no proof that he actually killed reporters,” or others publicly critical of his regime, including the Litvinenko and Berezovsky cases. He has even called Kim Jong Un’s assassination of his uncle and other generals “amazing leadership” for someone so young.

Trump is on a path through the Bible belt to the world’s dream job for an autocrat in that it would provide policing power over his perceived enemies and endless finances, and cover for his rather infamous and monumental financial failures in the near past and earlier. Evangelicals were stupid enough to stay home in 2008 and 2012 to force eight years of Obama on us in what was a monumental mistake. However, the Congress was obstructionist, and Americans inventive and entrepreneurial enough to try to stay afloat under the rigors of his progressivism. That they are now being stupid enough to fall for the self serving publicity poster that is Donald Trump will, this time, give us a president with what looks to be a chillingly unsurvivable disregard for our system of law. Everything about this man is a contradiction in terms with evangelicalism. The man’s own mouth reveals his lack of a moral anchor, and his rhetoric is stirring fascist flames of populism reminiscent of 1930’s Germany. If elected, Donald Trump will have an army of worshippers ready to do his bidding to any of us that dare to say the emperor has no clothes.

Donald Trump is like the renderings of so many of his proposed projects. They are stunning to look at and persuasively presented to investors. Bondholders invest in the picture that never becomes a building. The rendering never became substance. Emotional and shallow evangelicals and angry sycophants are pushing a picture of a building. A good con man knows only one substantive product is needed for a bait and switch. Trump has that in his Tower on 5th Avenue. He occasionally gets another project actually built to keep the investors baited. Unfortunately, most of them don’t realize just how many of “his” projects aren’t. Rather, more than one might guess are no more than a banner with a name, a branding scheme to hook investors into buying into a property devoid of anything to do with Donald Trump.

Let us not vote for a rendering, a branding scheme, rather let us vote for a proven conservative political servant who has sacrificed for his country and respects its history and law. We still have several palpable, substantive choices, but, it is time to awaken from the hypnosis of hype. The Trump scam is almost complete. If we vote for a rendering, we will very likely end up, as so many have, with disappointed dreams, our life’s blood in the wind, and an empty lot gone to blight, as the Trump clan laughs all the way to their complicit global bankers — again.

Written in February, before Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee, I now work and pray for patriot delegates that will reject this dangerous poseur at the Convention. I also plead with them, before Cleveland, to resist the strongarm and unethical practices for which Trump’s new campaign manager, Paul Manafort, has earned his reputation as “The Torturer’s Lobby.” I urge party patriots in leadership and among the volunteer army to overthrow this ridiculous candidate rendering and the antics and despotic instincts for a candidate with Conservative bona fides. If Mr. Trump is real, he will apologize for his contradictions, and work from the ground up to prove his desire to serve our nation as a conservative. If not, he will whine, blame and accuse others for not allowing him to walk into the penthouse suite. No bets will be taken on that proposition.

Now, as the election draws to a close, I republish this article again. Republican delegates cowered at the Convention in support of a man whose core is in complete contradiction to everything for which Republicanism has historically stood. My hope is that enough write-ins and third party candidate votes will throw the decision into the House. I hope the reader will resist the temptation to laugh at that hope, until they hear the fat lady sing.